The coast has been cleared and the prison has been entered…http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/2044625925/p2…p2_suga_57s.zip

aww man, those demos was really sweet. Good fookin job. I loved everything with them :slight_smile: The lazy health grab was fun.I hope we can go fast on these prison maps, they should be pretty straight forward. (as I say about all maps).

heh, that was me, forgot to log in.Here are some pretty accurate stats, Im going to download the old spreadsheet and doublecheck all the remaining phase1 times.Estimated total time: 1:47:07 Elapsed time: 0:50:57 Estimated time left: 0:56:10 Progress: 47.564960323635%

That’s my run for p2_d2_prison_02:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1207972100/p2…rkdevil_32s.zipIts 32s long, but i’ll try to get 30.So im still working on it.

Yes, on hard.

nice running, I hope you run at skill hard.Anyway, nice work. If you nail 30 on hard there is little need for running this map for a week. :)btw, on the part where you jump over some pipes (water area), isnt it possible to jump directly without using the ledge ?

Yes, it is possible to jump directly on the tank, but is very hard. I’ll try to improve that.EDIT: It is on hard

great, keep up the good work, this run will be awesome. The crawlparts is very smooth on your run. anyway, got to sleep. nite!

Couple of comments about the run.1.) Do you use autohotkey? By the looks of it, it seems that you don’t. You want to use it :)2.) You can speed through the bent gate faster, if you sprint then go straight into a duck. Just sprint+duck early enough so that you don’t “slam” your head into the platform above you.3.) You can do a sprintjump on to the tank from the rails (or pipe), then go straight into a crawljump right under the low roof, so you don’t have long crawl time.4.) You can gravjump off the barrel. It’s closer, and you land closer to the stairs. Also, try to do it as you are moving, without the wait.There is also something I wanted to investigate a little further. Below is a demo of an accident on coast_12. Basically I turn the pallet around, start to fly on it, but it ends up pushing me through the wall. http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/517069978/d2_…sx_wallclip.rarNow, the coast walls are already iffy and seem a little “hollow”, like they are easy to glitch through, but I’m wondering if this is possible through a similar bent mesh, like the slightly peeled back gate on the stairs. If we can glitch through this, we could save a good amount of time for this map.I’ve tried it around a few areas already though, and so far, no luck :(Then again, it was the same way with the airboat, so who knows.

I know, but gravjump with the barrel is very hard to do.Anyway i’ll try it :)The fast-crouch (sprint + crouch) i used in the 32s run already.EDIT: what you mean with the autohotkey? What is that?

we use a program called auto hot key that constantly presses the jump-key, so you wont loose any speed when running.

  1. with the program i don’t need to press the jump key?2. the gravjump with the barrel never get you over the rail.

you hold the jump-key when you want to jump (and when you land you automagically jump again). Since bunnyhopping is a bit hard to do without it we allowed it.

if its a program, where can i download it?


when i use the script, i can’t use the button :frowning:

you can edit the script so it will fit your config. do you use IRC ?sometimes you get your answers faster in #hl2dq @ quakenet

No, i dont use IRC.Here, i show you the script, maybe i maked a mistake:*RBUTTON::Loop{GetKeyState, state, RBUTTON, Pif State = U ; The button has been released, so stop the loop.break}

I’m currently using this script maximus made for mouse2 jumping. replace “z” with your duck button and press both rbutton and xbutton2(mouse5) to perform the ladderjump. its climbing speed is less powerful than the space jump script though.CODE *RButton::SetKeyDelay,5Loop{ GetKeyState, state, RButton, P if State = U break Send, {RButton} GetKeyState, state, XButton2, P if state = D { SetMouseDelay,5 Send, z } else if state = U Sleep, 1}return