What can I say? Not much but it seems like Coast is finally done!So, here is all you need to run d2_prison_01.

Coast done… Yeahhh ;)I’ve made a run on maps d2_coast_02, 03, & 04, I thinks it’s a good way. You can see it here : prospekt.rar (the format is .avi, the total time of video is 1:44 :slight_smile: )I thinks we can do “nova prospekt” in ~2:00.

Is there some way to disable autosaves, or should I make seperate videos for each autosave section within prison_01, or do I have to load the maximus_37s file everytime I die while trying to do this segment?

Ignore mid-game autosaves, the only autosave that is important is the one run after a new level (by the way, if you are bhopping when the map changes, keep holding the button in so you keep the speed on the next level).Nice vid Hlook, good viewing :)For prison_01, can anyone think of any instant glitch method of killing a helicopter? If not I have some ideas for fast killing (wish we had more mortars…), but it wouldn’t be quite as fast.

I don’t know how reasonable this is, or if it would work, buy maybe you could use a rocket to make the first chopper that spawns shoot the second one. I don’t know of any instant kill though.Maybe using the gravity gun to shoot flammable barrels would hurt them more. I don’t know, I always die before I get there :frowning:

Well, the only problem is the second chopper comes a good deal after the first. The first can be long dead before then. Nice idea though, it hadn’t occurred to me.As for the barrels thing, they pass right through the chopper, BUT, if you really wanted you could throw it up to them and blow it up yourself, or hope they start shooting just as it passes in front of them. Would be very difficult though, but I was thinking of two saves for this map just for that reason, one for each chopper. One idea was to toss an explosive barrel up as the second helicopter spawns, then shoot a rocket/mortar at him so it both hits the chopper and blows up the barrel, for a 2x hit.I also had an idea to get a finale shot with a nade. You can toss one straight up, wait for it to come near it’s exploding point, then throw another one just before it so the first nade tosses the second high in the air. It’s not tough to do, but it might kill a few seconds, but it looks nice :slight_smile: If we could switch a little faster it shoot be possible to nade/mortar/nade so there isn’t so much of a delay between shots.

From the looks of the way things are going, I won’t be able to do many fastest time runs, but I do come up with nifty ideas.I don’t know if you knew this already, but you can’t use the machine guns that the combine troops have on the towers, press ‘use’ on them and nothing happens.I noticed the barrel passes through the chopper, and I thought about shooting it as it passes through, but I have bad aim and slow hotkey abilities.What if you shot one flammable barrel at a high angle up and another after it at a lower angle so they pass through the chopper at the same spot and blow eachother up. Maybe this would do more damage than the mortar/barrel because it would blow up inside the chopper (kill the pilot instant ko :rolleyes: … I can always hope). And as for the grenade finale… I don’t care as long as this is finished before Christmas.I also have some cool ideas for the next area that I might test out tomorrow.

As the info about weapons says:Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launcher (RPG): Damage: 200Fragmentation Grenade: Damage: 125And the info about enemies says:Combine Gunships:Health: RPG hits needed: Easy 3, Medium 5, Hard 7.There are always glitches but I think RPG shots is the way to go (since the information about the ships only says how many RPG shots it takes, not how much health it has).What version of the engine is used, the old one or the updated one ?

Updated one, and it takes 7 hits of a machine gun mortar to kill a gunship as well. The only problem is, we don’t have nearly enough mortars, so I think you’re right.

hlook:nice video, I messed some with pushing that button through the window but didnt succeed, pushing it from below was pure l33tness :slight_smile:

You can push it through the window. For that part I was thinking about a dalejump or gravjump, then push the button as you fly past.BUT, we’re on prison_01, so let’s concentrate on that one for now :slight_smile:

This map is a bit tricky at start to get to the “RPG area” but once there you will survive easilly. But the gunship goes in patterns I dont like. Is there a phase1 demo of how to do this map ?

Here is the phase one demo: http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/390426874/d2_…ningx_2m13s.rar.

Hlook, I was impressed! Nice video! (thanks for compressing it for the ‘last modem user’…that’s me :wink: )Is there any other thoughts on how to run prison_01 ? Shall it be done in 1 demo or split? (1 demo I guess?). I need to update HL2, so I won’t be playing for a few days…

Is there any way of hitting the ship before it gets up in the air ? Or does it “spawn” after you hit some trigger ? if its scripted to open the door after getting hit 7 times it might be possible to hit it while parked somewhere “outside the map” .

It appears behind the house with the red roof to your right after you exit the “swimming pool”. The trigger is right before you go up the stairs around the corner to the left. It’s possible to hit it a few times right after it spawns, or maybe even to throw a mortar/missile as your running to the trigger, then hit it as it spawns. The trouble is trying to find a way to kill it without having to go all the way around to the missile box. Using our available ammo (without going to the missile box), we could take it down with 3 missiles, 1 mortar, 4 nades (secondary fire, aka drop, the nades one at a time in front of you, then pick them up one by one with the gravgun and fire at the right moment, might take some time…), then another mortar that is in the ammo crate in the swimming pool (but only if you have 0 mortars). Of course, whether this is faster or not I’m not too sure about.I was also going to see what would happen if we dropped a barrel or larger object where the gunship spawns BEFORE he appears, then hit the trigger and see if he instantly dies or some lucky event like that. I doubt it though, the most I think will happen is the barrel will disappear, as that is what happened when I did the same to Barney in trainstation_05_p1, and that was with a very large stack of objects stuck together. Then again, maybe Barney never came… One of the two events happened, anyway :)EDIT: I just realized that would not work, as objects pass through gunships anyway.

Found a few more things out. 1.) The nade + gravgun idea is too slow. 2.) After 3 hits, the second gunship appears in the same spot the first gunship does. 3.) After 12 hits (it doesn’t matter on which gunship you made these hits), one of the gunships will shoot at the cylindrical tank, blowing it up and opening the exit. Both gunships do not need to die, although at least one of them does.4.) A hit on a dying gunship (explosions, crashing to the ground) counts towards one of the previously mentioned gunship hits. Only after it explodes into several parts does this not work, so we can probably get one free hit off of a crashing gunship.5.) Mortars hurt the same as a missile, and shoot faster. Not to mention, you don’t have to wait until it hits it’s target before you can shoot another. The only problem is, we start with only one mortar, and the only mortars you can get off this map are in ammo crates, where the mortars only come out if no mortars are in your inventory. Oh, and it’s pretty tough to get a mortar hit :)6.) I want to see if we can find a way to trick the game into switching weapons/reloading the rocket launcher after it fires a shot, before the missile is lost. There’s got to be a way…7.) You can open the missile box while the missile is still in the air.8.) If we can manage enough health at the end of the firefight, we should jump through both firewalls in the tunnel instead of turning the wheel and waiting for them to go down.9.) I need help finding what the fastest route in the map should be. For instance, should we hit the gunship trigger, then immediately (or maybe even before then) fire a missile and hit the gunship (behind the house) before it is even visible, do this until we run out of all 3 missiles plus our mortar, THEN run all the way around to the missile box, or should we keep going past the trigger and all the way to the missile box, then start shooting? Should we fly over a roof AFTER staying behind and using all our explosives? Remember, right now the rocket launcher’s rate of fire is dependent on how close we are to the target, and running backward would make us closer.10.) Because of all this, I say we should divide this map into two segments, one for each gunship.

There is some triggers that you can avoid, I have to check what trigger that spawns the gunships, but I think its possible to have the “RPG area” clear of all enemies.I got this screen from hlookA trigger

It is possible to have the RPG area clear of all enemies, simply fly over the big bad wall by the pool of water. However, you would still have to run back and spawn the gunships because they don’t shoot open the wall if they are not there.

Okay, here is what I think a good route for this map should be.1.) Sprintjump forward and start bhopping through the pipes. Make sure to make the jump from pipe to pipe and avoid running into the walls.2.) When you get to the “swimming pool”, jump on the big floating crate, then to the ladder, then ladderjump to the top.3.) Immediately start bhopping to the left, pull out your rocket launcher as you go, and keep bhopping until you get to the stairs.4.) Just barely pass the trigger, then start bhopping forwards again until you get to the big rock, and then duck. Fire a rocket to the left and as low to the wall as you can, wait until it is at the “right” distance (different each time) behind the house with the red roof, and pull the rocket to the right and a little down. The idea is to hit the gunship that is behind it.5.) Shoot another rocket, and hit the gunship just as it peeks around the left corner of the house.6.) Shoot the gunship with another rocket.7.) Pull out your machinegun and fire a mortar at the gunship. It should be flying at a pretty quick speed to the left at this point, between the two turret towers, so be sure to lead. After you fire, don’t wait to see if it hits, just move on to the next step and assume it does. You can find out later if it hit (plus it makes a sound when you hit it).8.) Pull out your shotgun, bhop to the steps, sprint up them, fire one shot at the explosive barrel (killing both guards) and another at the ammo crate, all while sprinting/bhopping forward. The position of the guards is a bit random, so you might need 3 shotgun blasts here instead of 2.9.) Grab the 2 health kits, the rocket, and the mortar, switch to the rocket launcher, and hit it with another rocket.10.) Switch to the machine gun, fire another mortar, then without stopping to see if it hit, pull out the shotgun and run to the far ammo crate. (not the next one, but the one after). When you fire the mortar, the gunship should be hovering pretty close above, so this shouldn’t be as hard as the first mortar.11.) Blast the crate open, grab the mortar, the rocket, and the energy orb, switch BACK to the rocket launcher, and fire one last rocket for the killing blow (the gunship should be around the corner past the wall at this point, or somewhere thereabouts).At this point you should have 0 rockets, 1 mortar, and 7 hits on the gunships. Only 4 more to go!12.) Switch to the gravgun, bhop around the corner, and gravjump off the ammo crate that is leaning against the wall.13.) Run to and open the missile box (do not wait for the missile box to open), switch to the rocket launcher, duck behind the far side of the missile box (this is your safe zone), and fire 4 more rockets at the gunship. Do not miss or lose any of the rockets. Between every fire of a rocket, make sure to press the use button so you grab another rocket from the box. Hopefully there won’t be much of a delay between hitting the gunship and firing the rocket (the gunship will shoot at the rocket if it is airborne).14.) After the fourth hit, switch to the gravgun, suck in the health kit on the opposite side of you, and position yourself somewhere near (but not too close to) the “water tank”. While you are doing this, the gunship is positioning itself to shoot the tank.15.) After the hole opens, immediately jump inside, sprintjump through the fire, land in a ducked position and try to make yourself pop out the other side in one swift crawljump, duckjump through the pipes and sprint jump through the last fire wall. Bhop through the doorway, past the gate and to the door, and smash the ammo crates (there should be nothing you need in them, but there’s a CHANCE we could use the flat wood in the next map).Also, this route is based on glitches we know so far. If there is a way to kill the gunship instantly or trick the game into opening the hole early, then obviously things will change :PEDIT: It appears that I was wrong about the 12x to open the hole thing, it actually is 11. I don’t know if the order affects it at all, but at the very least it is 11x to open the hole if you hit the first gunship 7x and then the second gunship 4x. Hitting the gunship while it is dying doesn’t change anything, so I edited the route accordingly.With the current changes, we might be able to get a good looking prison_01 in 2 segments. I think a good save point would be either right after we fire the first mortar (the 4th hit on the first gunship), or right in the middle of step 9 (right before you fire another rocket). Make sure you have a bind to save the game then stop the demo right after, because mid demo segments need to be instant.