Last map savegamewp o40, on getting the last map.now this one if a bit of a fag. I’m guessing there will be alot of variations of times, and we might be forced to split it somewhere,If we do split it, i think we should split it at the top of the rocks, just b4 u jump down into the pit with the uber-sand-thingie-mabob (cant remember name of it :lol: ) The time we are aiming for to reach the top of those rocks is 30s. I’ve done it in 31 b4, so im sure 30 wont be that hard to beat.


argh. this one is really pissing me off! im finding it v hard to hit the rock that launches u over house :angry:


Estimated total time: 1:48:09Elapsed time: 0:47:39Estimated time left: 1:00:30Progress: 44.059177068886%


Part 1 30sgot 30s. was well chuffed, couldnt even complete the map for 3 days, then went on the this morning, got 34s, then a couple of mins later, 30s :rolleyes: .This is just to the top of the hill, before you drop down into the pit. there is an automatic savegame there, so I went through that point, then stopped record half a second later or so.Can people please post if they are running this one, because in my opinion (a bias one) we shud move on asap if no1 else is interested in running it / thinks they can get a better time


I have not had the time yet, Ill look at your demo and see if I can perfect the route or something.EDIT:I watched your demo and played the map, the first part can be done much more smootly so there are several seconds to save there. I even gained so much speed so I overjumped the house, i think going around at a lower angle is faster though. I never got a run with a good barreljump at the end so I dont have anything to show for this.I think we should stick to this part for a little while because there is significant time to save.We need a pallet for the next level right ?EDIT2:I reached the rock (to jump to the house area) about thre seconds faster so I can definetly do something with this. I still have problems with that barreljump though.


yeah, iv got to the house at 18s. but i fucked up the rest lol


Hello mates !I was wondering what the time of this map is, the one done in phase 1.Can you tell me ?Good luck for the forthcoming :wink:


hmm, no idea m8 :S


I believe it was 1:29 or something like that. (Without having a pallet wneh leaving the map). We should get this map done in less than one minute.


Just in response to Catalyst’s post, there is no reason to move on from this map so soon. We have plenty of time, and this is a difficult and open map and will probably require lots of revision.Also, it was easier to boost off of the box with the gravity gun for me on this part, because I almost always ended up over the box whereas landing over the barrel was a bit more random.


ok, thnx for the tip, Ill rewatch your demos and look for a better route.Anyway, some bad things happened so I have to go away for two days so I wont be around to run some.


i just think that not many people are running, and people are losing interest in hl2dq, so its best to move on asap. i only said it to see if any1 else was interested in running the map, in which case, its fine to wait. its just a bit pointless to wait a week for someone to get a faster time when no-one else is running the map.I personally had trouble grav jumping with the box, as my keyboard broke, and my duck key is broken lol, plus, i found grav jumping quite hard at that speed. with the barrell, all i do is use right mouse, to pull the barrell up, there for hitting it like a ramp, and flying off.


Is it just me or does it feels like this site is dieing due to lack of interest. :frowning:


naah, Im interested, I just dont have the time at the moment.This map is a bitch aswell =)Dont give up, people will return.


It’s just that the summer holidays are over and there are no new people around. But don’t worry, Max]I[muS-X is going to run again soon. :slight_smile:


yeah, he will be back in 2 days or so if I remember correctly.


Urg. Can’t do this map…It’s not my style.


is it ok if I split this map at another point, I have the most trouble at the barrel area so I prefer to split it there :slight_smile:


Hello !It seems that the project is going slowly than before, for the reasons that Catalyst summed up here.IMO, you should simply finish the run without spending too much time on each map. I don’t think it’s necessary to make this project be too long, otherway it will never be finished. And I also think it’s not a problem if you loose some seconds at the end…But it’s another philosophy, maybe you really want to have it done properly… but it will be long :(Cya


Well, the thing about a speedrun is that it has to look fast, if people see the run and say to themselves “I can do better than this” its no good. It has to slook smooth and be fast.