The last map took two days to get under 32 seconds. Then there were those 11 days in which no major improvement was done and everybody seemed to agree to move on.The last run with save.Max]I[muS-X’s guide for this map:CODE d2_coast_09===========Phase 1 Time: 1m04sStep by Step Time: 57sd2_coast_09_p1:1.) The general idea here is to just keep as much speed as possible while avoiding the zombies and trash. The barrel jump was pretty straightforward when I did it, but maybe I just got lucky.d2_coast_09_p2:1.) Here I intentionally avoided Dale’s first shortcut. I tried it out a number of ways, and here are the reasons it isn’t the best solution to me. One, it costs health, and at this point in the run we can’t afford too much of that. Two, by cutting the corner that sharply, you don’t get the speed buildup that the road straightaway gives you, and the road builds speed up faster by default. It is also more random, as you aren’t always at the right height of your jump to hit the ramp at the right angle. I made what I think to be a pretty good Dale shortcut demo earlier, where I end up at the same destination as the normal demo, but 3 seconds slower. Unfortunately I don’t know where this demo disappeared to.2.) Be wary of the autosave just before the base. If you are touching the ground as you pass, it cuts speed significantly.d2_coast_09_p3:1.) I go to the left side of the road gap, but depending on your speed and your position off the ground just before the gap, you are able to jump clear over the gap like nothing. It makes for a better looking demo if nothing else.


You start with like…8health. We NEED to keep that amount. Losing any more could make the next map REALLY hard.


My memory fails me on the next levels, but I don’t think that’s a very good thing. What health did I have at this point in my guide demos?


hey guys, cant run this map yet, but dont move on until i have please. shouldnt be many days until i have internet up and working.p.s. this new thing to help sort out the bhopping jitters, does this have to be set when you record the demos, or just while viewing them?


As I remember it, it is only for when viewing. Since that is the case, that command only really matters to whoever captures the demos into the movie, so that the final product lacks the jitters.


ooooh. LX is here!edit: we only start this map with 8 health?


you actually have something like h8a18 to begin with so you can take a few hits without dying.anyway, there are lots of health in this map but to get the health packages (at the right side of the tunnel) you will loose some seconds. I think this map is possible to run without loosing any health.My route suggestion is:1. Clear the tunnels with some nice controlled jumping.2. keep to the left side and jump on the gravel/grass instead of the road, it gives you some extra speed.3. Go through the “base” on the right side (of the road in the middle) and avoid the roadblocks and rocks.4. Go uphill on the grass to the right for some extra speed and get a good angle towards the grassy hill on the right of the blown fuel-car. 5. Jump from the grassy hill towards the wooden “fences” that is slightly to the left6. jump on two of them and go over the “wall” towards the tunnel. Keeping your legs up (crouch) might help here to get over.7. Hopefully you didnt get blown away by the evil ships in the sky and jump towards the next mapchange.It may be faster to go to the right of the last camp but I didnt find a good route there.


I did this blinding router one time…Managed to get onto the side cliff face as you leave the tunnel :o From that it was just smooth BHing. Cratered when coming down because if forgot to slope slide :<


Why would you want to get on the side cliff face? The only point where it is better is on the curve, and really you build up better speed for the next straightaway staying off of it. Not to mention you don’t have to waste time sliding down the hill.It’s also faster going to the right of the last camp and you don’t lose any health there. I don’t see the point in going through it.You can get through this map without losing any health, the problem is can you get through the next couple of maps with only 8 health? We may even have to go back and redo some maps because I know there is one map where you drop down to the path below, coast_10 I think it is? You need a good amount of health for that…How did you lose so much health anyway?


Fall damage that couldn’t be avoided.


I believe its faster going on the right the camp but Im not sure you have the same speed after the camp area as jumping over/through the camp.


Could you please be a little more specific, I can’t watch the demos. Where do you fall, coast_07? And is it because of a different route or what?Also, could someone please tell me how much health I had at the beginning of coast_10?


Max]I[muS-X, you had 30 in health when you start coast_10.Also, you lose 20 in health when you “drop down to the path below” on coast_10…and we have 8 in health…We lost some health on the last jump on coast_07 (when you jump down from the train-tracks onto the ground, we lost 15 in health because b5k had too much speed…) . And he couldn’t exactly brake so therefore:"Fall damage that couldn’t be avoided."However, Max, in your run through coast you had more health than “us” on almost every level (on coast_04 you had ~35 more in health). So that’s why we have about 20 less than you…I suppose the biggest injury was made on Coast_03, because we went to the right in the beginning and you went straight. The fall(s) when going down the slope to the right caused approximately 30 in damage. Max lost ~30 on this map, we lost ~60 on this map.I checked the “drop down to the path below” on coast_10, you can make the fall without losing any health…however we might not beat Max]I[muS-X’s time, but I’m not sure of that…I think that we’re OK…


Thanks for the in-depth reply, it sucks not having HL2 here to check these things. Only two more things I’m curious about. Did they get the two health packages at least on the way through the cars on coast_03? Also, on coast_09 did they land to the far-right when jumping off the train to minimize fall damage?It is possible to drop down without losing health, but you have to cling to the wall so long that you might lose 1 or 2 seconds on this map, unless you do the beginning better or alter the route a bit, but it’s a pretty small and straightforward map. Also, assuming we lose no health on coast_09 or coast_10 and get the health pack(s?) at the beginning of coast_11, can we survive all the falls on that map? In the same vein, can we subsequently survive the shooting damage as you run along the coast in coast_12? o_O


QUOTE Did they get the two health packages at least on the way through the cars on coast_03?I think you mean coast_04 (the one where you go up a steep hill). And to answer your question: No, we didn’t. Instead we gravity-jumped of the car and got good speed up the hill. We got the first health-pack, but not the second one.QUOTE Also, on coast_09 did they land to the far-right when jumping off the train to minimize fall damage?I think you mean coast_07 (the one with the train). And again: No, we didn’t. b5k had enough speed to jump passed the “uplifted” ground (so to speak). Even though he aimed for the right side when jumping of the train-tracks, he flew past the “uplifted” ground part…As for the upcoming levels:Taking the 2 health packs on coast_11 will make it work…since we get 50 in health!On coast_11 Max has ~70 and at the end of coast_12 he has 73…we’ll make it since you get quite a lot of health-packs…


Im pretty sure this is slower but it looks cooler. :)Uhm, I accidently renamed the wrong demo. Here is the real one.Jumping the camp



If there is a need for more health you can grab one of the healthpacks through the wall (at the little window to the right). It makes you loose a lot of time (maby 3 seconds or more) but I think that is the fastest healthpack in this map.EDIT: I runned the next map without loosing health so there os no need for health pickup on this map. (You get health on that antlion map and that should be enough).Is anyone running this map ? Im down to 58 seconds with a few screwups and “autosave slowdowns”. aby I will run it some more tonight.


Is 56s a good time? :S


It’s better than 58, but Max’s earlier Coast step by step times were beaten by 5, 6 and 8 seconds.