Make sure you use the save from previous segment. Heres Maximus d2_coast_07 three part route guide grab them here if you havent seen them yet. d2_coast_07_p1,p2,p3QUOTE d2_coast_07===========Phase 1 Time: 52sStep by Step Time: 39sLonerville uses the pallet piece again, and actually would have gotten a similar time if he didn’t mess up the bunnyhopping at the end.d2_coast_07_p1:1.) The roof jump here is fast, very easy, and looks awesome, so don’t go around it just because you’re lazy!2.) I had a different plan at the end of this demo than what actually happened, so I shoot the fence from the wrong side. In reality it would be better to shoot the last fence piece to the left, as you will see in the next demo. The grabbing part could be done faster as well.d2_coast_07_p2:1.) The flying here is short, but still annoying. Use the angle I approach the mountain at to slide up diagonally and over the forcefield. When you are flying, go easy on the forward button, and let go if you see the fence piece sliding past too far, it’s very “slippery”. Only when you see the first traincar start to pass do you hold that sucker in to get full horizontal speed and land on the train.d2_coast_07_p3:1.) The train section can be annoying, especially after the last part. Sometimes you fall in the cracks of the trains, and unless you’re great and predicting and controlling your hops, once you get to the small red train in the middle it’s just random whether you will fall off, keep going, or hit something and stop. Try to stay aim to the side of the trains if you are feeling unstable.2.) When you get to the last ramp, more often than not you will hit the line at the top and completely stop. To counteract this I duck just as I passed over it, which keeps the speed you were going at but doesn’t gain any. I can’t guarantee this will work everytime though.Iam sure there are many routes for this map maybe even faster :wink: If so please share them.

Low 36:http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/594049766/p2_…_07_o40_36s.zipJust strafejump as usual in the beginning, try to hit the rock at the far left side to get a lower and faster angle, shoot the wood and pick up any splinter you like to fly, jump along the slope to the side of the forcefield, fly to the train, jump to the end.This demo can be improved because I took some time to grab hold of the board and you can save more health if its done right.If you hit 35 seconds or less but dont have speed at the end you “have to” consider that slower. (Depends on how much though, and this is always up for discussion).Good Luck.

would love to run this one, its one of my favs. but im moving, and my comps getting packed up, plus id probably get fed up after 3 runs lol.

youve got a piece of a wood in the beginnig, havent you? so why not fly straight over the sea to the end of the level? after some practice it should be easy to get the correct angel…

I dont have wood at the beginning, the thing you have is that streetsign but its sigificantly slower to fly instead of running. Running looks cooler aswell.

Flying is really made to access places where you can’t go without it, not to go faster :stuck_out_tongue:

I just got 31s but that’s slow. Gonna try and bump it down to atleast 30s

Nice route. Flying is so slow, this route should be able to procduce a <29 time I think if you dont get stuck anywhere.

Don’t we get any demo ? :stuck_out_tongue:

http://zombie.bhdnet.com/b5k/hl2dq/1.demExample of the routerMy 31 time is a true mess. It shows me as bunny hopping like 3 meters through the ground. Totally fuck :o

Nice run, you can save 5 more seconds I think, without the mistake next to the train.btw, do you know how to fix the bunnyhopping camera bug ? Is Valve going to fix it ?

The supposedly fixed it with demo smooooooothing. But it doesn’t work all that well. What will do for the final vid is record the demo to a series of .tgas at 100fps, then we will hack out the broken frames, making the bunny hopping look smooth.

Just remember that manually editing the video is not perfect, it seems to take a lot more than an hour per minute, so every time you make an unnecessary hop, you drive a nail into the editor’s coffin. :wacko:By the way, bandit5k, you didn’t talk to JRB yet, did you? :wink:

Who is going to edit and complete the video? When hl2dq.tk was up then it was this guy called Tamale who was going to connect the demo-vids, but who will do it now?

Did you check my video topic? The editing is not perfect, but I don’t think perfect is even possible without demo smoothing or something. Also, I don’t think it’s worth spending like 100 times the time of the final video on editing, since you can still see the bumps.There has to be another way…

Someone should contact Valve…atleast ask them if they know any way of fixing it.They probably won’t reply but still…this video is a huge thing in the HL2-world (or atleast it WILL be) so it’s pretty important for us that the video looks good.

Do you know what Valve thinks about this project ? Do they know it ? How will they consider the speedrun of their best game ?Would they be amused or constrained by the fact that you use bugs and strange things to finish the game as this fast ?

I’ll see if i can get a reply from valve. If they don’t give us a way, i suggest we have a small group of people that do the editing (Ones with experience). Should move it along faster.