Hooray! We made it into the d2 levels!


Sick. I wonder if it’s not faster to just ABH normally from the very beginning though?


Hmm. I thought that too, but that edge at the end of the boardwalk is a cockblock for gaining speed. And not to mention, getting too much speed would probably send you skywards more than distance when it comes to barreling over the hill.

But possible… ABHing right out of the door in Phase 2 might work.


I never had any problems with the edge of the boardwalk (this probably depends on where you start and with how much speed though), but I did have problems with too much speed/height like you’re describing. That can always be fixed though, by not crouching for a couple of jumps, or just finding a new sweet-spot in order to edge bounce lower. During phase 2 this will definitely be thoroughly tested and I’m pretty sure we’ll find a way to constantly ABH and get maximum speed.

Btw, I’m really glad to see you plow through phase 1 at such a rapid pace. I’d like to help out but I’m just really lacking time at the moment. I hope to be way more active soon, sometime after new year’s. Meanwhile, keep it up! 8)

Oh, and by the way, that nade launch is fucking sexy though. I’d feel somewhat bad if we’d just skip it for a standard ABH. :I


Looks like “dex” proved your point.


I’d be interested to see how much HP he has after that though.


That’ll be possible with no hp loss, don’t worry.


Pretty decent coast run. Might be something useful.


There’s nothing interesting in it, we already have the fastest routes. Oh and, on the last map it might be possible to jump over the whole bridge. But still, people should stop running coast, it’s not fun to watch it anymore.


He didn’t pick up the rocket launcher either.


Fuck you, coast is still awesome to watch :smiley:


Yup. I really enjoyed that.


^My reaction to exec as well. If you think coast is so boring and you’re so sure you have the perfect plan, why even click it. Yet posting a negative comment.


I think he was trolling


I was expecting something awesome, yes, but its just another plain coast run. There are lots videos just like this. Well, not that fast maybe, but the routes are pretty much the same.


I disagree. The same could be said about all of those Portal 2 challenge things going on right now on youtube with people trying to get the best time. Sure, they’re the same thing over and over, but it’s still amazing to watch every time.


This is how people should run coast, instead doing identical runs with the same routes.


That’s not how people SHOULD run coast, more like a different approach to take.


When people run coast, they should include Sandtraps


Just a note on this level. I saw a youtube video where you said the barrel launch now kills you. You might want to revisit this. Just so you know, probably 99/100 times it killed me also. It was just a matter of landing on the right piece of grass and getting lucky. This segment took me a lot of times to get right purely because of the dying, otherwise would have been fairly straight forward.

In other words, this may not be patched, you might just be underestimating the original difficulty/luck of the trick.