Everything is the same as it was in hl2dq, only I dont know if going trough metrocop still works. Please make a route demo and save on the next map, so we can move on


Still works
Demo and Save
but i don’t know how to cross the fence so quickly like HL2DQ team did.


They managed to get high enough that they could just crouch and clear the fence


You uploaded the wrong demo. This one is where you ‘pile up some stuff to get through that window’.


Thanks, i have to double-check everything. Now everything must be fine.


Demo doesn’t show you passing through the cop. It also shows some horrible bunnyhopping style no-one has ever bothered trying (it doesn’t work either)

I think you uploaded the wrong one again :stuck_out_tongue:


Checked everything several times, now I hope I’m not mistaken.


Nice, only needs faster ABH, but we will do it in Phase 2. Nice job, moving on.


Not a chance I’m letting you guys get the map to be that easy :P. You can ABH from going out of the door into the street, all the way to the fence, and if you hit the pallet right, it’ll shove you up high enough to get over the fence, no wallclimbing needed.

It’s a bitch to manage, but it’s fast.


Woah, nice!


Demo without timescale.

Not as hard as it seems actually, got that on my first try. Linking the jump with the abh to the map trigger will be hard though.


Alright, we’re doing this level in two segments.

Seg one: Go from this save to where you press “E” to open the double doors. Best I’ve got so far was 11.5s.

Seg two: From the save at the doors, hop the fence using the ABH skip and go until the next map.

We need to (try to) beat 25 seconds total for this map.


HL2DQ - 11.3-11.4


Got 11.1
Moving on?


Maintained speed during guard?


Nope, just faster gameplay


Then it’s possible to do faster :stuck_out_tongue:


Yup. I say we continue until everyone feels the time is pretty much perfect.

There’s no need to rush this run - At all. There hasn’t been an HL2 run in almost 5 years, so I don’t see why we would need to hurry in order to cram this one out a couple of months in advance. I’d rather everyone takes their time in making sure each segment is a pleasure to watch and that we feel they are all worthy of being in the run.

Just my two cents.




Can you please get a demo of it? Me and dark have no idea how to do it.