Pretty good route, but we should focus on health level, for Route Kanal chapter starts. If we would manage to have atleast 90hp till then, we could skip Route Kanal in Phase 1, because turreu provided a pretty good route for us, but at the start he had like 100hp or something.

I’ve noticed some improvements that could be made by flying, and also - Damn man! You have some epic skills!

P.S. Im off for a day and you’ve moved trought three maps! Thats freaking fast! :o At this rate we should complete Phase 1 in a month or so. Keep it up! I will be back as soon as I can. Hope I will get to run something - not used to move on that fast :stuck_out_tongue:


About that…

(10:32:44) (Wizord) I have a question about CλNALS speedrun. is it possible to pass/get through the last gates without airboat?
(10:33:21) (igge-) im not sure, i was gonna ask turreu about that but forgot
(10:33:34) (igge-) it should be possible i think
(10:33:40) (igge-) you just have to hit some trigger
(10:33:48) (igge-) if not, then that sucks :I
(10:34:03) (Wizord) maybe I’ll install hl2 to test it…
(10:34:24) (igge-) do it xd
(10:53:57) (Wizord) nope.
(10:54:04) (Wizord) you have to have an airboat
(10:54:14) (Wizord) the trigger is activated with airboat
(10:54:29) (Wizord) maybe you can pass it over the map ceiling…


Who is that guy anyway? I thought about that too, and I think there is a way to get trough these gates, but If not - We’re screwed :frowning:

Does the airboat spawn each time we go to the next map? I heard that airboat spawning ‘impulse’ command isn’t a cheat :smiley:


Nope it doesn’t.

I posted a comment on the canals youtube video, but got no response.
I figure if Turreu knew about a way to pass through that fence, he’d have done it and done the entire canals chapter. Well that’s what I would do if I made a chapter speedrun, maybe he had some other reasons for nto doing the gun-part.


I guess this is the reason hl2dq didn’t skip the airboat?


Well hl2dq didn’t use any ABH

From my testing, I couldn’t bypass the gate, which is a problem cause I’m sure they changed the trigger that closes the gates in the canal


Why does that matter? Old flying would have been faster than using the airboat in hl2dq. This is area must be the same problem.


Yes, this was the reason hl2dq didnt skip the airboat until after that trigger.


Want to get to this now while 016 (previous map) is still going on.
We should have a 100 HP and some suit by the time we leave the manhacks part. The part after shouldn’t cause much healthloss either.
Then we come to the part with combines dropping and that will probably cost us a bunch of health. HL2DQ managed to do it without only about 20 hp lost because they had suit. We have ABH so we should get through this part faster and therefore with less health loss?

By the time we have passed the steamy pipe part, HL2DQ has lost health down to 55 HP. (including the medkit they pick up there)
They finish the map with 65.

Over the next map, canals_05, they walk over 3 medkits, one of which they didnt pick up because they were at 100 already. We are able to do the same. DQ bhops through the sludge and gets there health down to 78 with 15 suit. if we ABH through the sludge as well, we probably are left with more because we’re in there for a shorter time.

What I’m getting at is that we should be ok if we finish this map with 25-50 HP, but we should go for over 50 to make our life easier. We get a medkit before every painful moment during this map.

As for the airboat: You drive over a medkit, so if our health is 75-80 as we get in the airboat, we end canals_05 with 100 hp.
The next map involves jumping the thing, we lose or gain no health.
Map after that is the long pistol shit, a combine shoots us but he shouldnt be able to hit us. After the gates theres 2 crates. One of them contains a suit charger, I don’t know what the other contains. Then we get shot at. HL2dq lost 30 suit and 34 HP.
Next map, the gate trigger backwards thingy skip. Theres a supply crate on route with HP in it. No reason to lose any.
Next map, helicopter chasing our ass. Hl2dq avoided getting it, so should we. We pick up an SMG grenade supply crate and a suit supply crate.
Next map, right at the start two crates with suit. Now this map is a real bitch. Helicopter will hit you with both his machine gun and his bombs. DQ had there health drop down to 50 before picking up a medkit supply crate. Some unavoidable shots from the helicopter and an APC get them down to 47 hp.
Then its canals_11, so the airboat is abandoned. This map isn’t routed yet, but I’m gonna assume we get our health down to the minimum: 1
canals_12, hl2dq pistol charges a supply crate and take 2 medkits from it and later on grabs health from a dead combine soldier. With all the sludge in this map, we need these 3 medkits. We should be good on this map though.
Canals_13 we should be allright as well. But we won’t have enough health for town_01.


i cant wait for townz01 barrelboost


Yeah well don’t get your hopes up too high eXeC, if we do that as in your route video we will be greeted with a RSoD. Red Screen of Death, literally


Don’t pull this on us again eXeC, I’m fine with you improving segments, but let the reason for that not be “I’m jealous” anymore.

I updated www.bit.ly/hl2dwahmov to 017, so I guess that means we moved on to 017.
I know eXeC wanted til sunday, so you get that. Meanwhile, the others will try 017 with DarkEvil’s save. In the off-chance Exec DOES improve 016, we’ll switch to that save.

This is general stuff btw. If we moved on to segment Y, you can still try and improve segment X up until the point someone gets a good Y and we move on to Z.


Seg 017 description is in the GDoc, don’t have access? Contact any of us.


Is this Phase 2?




I think we need a global rule that states no one person can hold up a certain segment if it annoys others and you’re only doing it to get your name on one more segment. That’s just selfish, and it really discourages and undermines everyone’s hard work, not to mention that’s not being a team player.


I’m sorry. I just think that Darkevil’s segment can be done better, its not optimized for example - he doesnt sprint fast in the last hallway, and does the ABH jump late.


I’m obviously not running this project, so this is just saying what I’d be saying if this were the ep1 run. If it’s agreed that a segment isn’t good enough and can be optimised further, you shouldn’t move on. If only one person is unhappy with the segment, then after a few days of them trying to improve it, move on and let that person continue attempting the previous segment. If someone gets a segment that EVERYONE is happy with for the NEXT segment, the person unhappy with the previous one should be talked to and pretty much told that while optimisation is a massive priority, it can’t get in the way of the run actually being completed.

I can’t even imagine the idea of someone delaying the run just because THEY want the segment, and Exec’s post sounds like the segment really is unoptimised. If the rest of you really are happy with Darkevil’s segment, you think that it couldn’t be improved by one of you, then as I said, I think you should move on and Exec is free to improve it, but there’s nothing wrong with Exec doing that if the reason is that he’s convinced it can and should be improved.


If I understood right, you were willing to move on with your old demo. But when Darkevil struck it by a second, it was no longer optimized enough to move on?


No, I mean he found a faster route, but his demo with that route is not optimized.

Its like the first successful attempt of that route, and you people already want to move in with it. I dont care if this run comes out in 2017, I just want it to be like THE best hl2 run ever.

If you dont like me improving that demo, then fine, I wont.