Maybe stay in the water to avoid taking damage from the barrels? Other than that it looks good.

Next map!


ABH improves everything and adds difficulty

EDIT: Actually managed it


“WAIT! What are you doing!?”


Hello, old topic. Time for a refreshing, eh?

Moving on to this map. Pull off what Inex did for the first segment.


We haven’t settled on a segmenting spot yet. Two options have been brought up:

  1. The first and current segment, 013, will be Inex’s jump and then we continue playing up until the point where we land on top of the supply crate and smash it.
    +Segmenting won’t lose us time for standing still for no reason.
    -A lot of additional shit we need to do after a difficult jump.

  2. Segment right after we get the jump.
    +Certainty of getting the jump and not screwing up the part afterwards.
    +It will make the segment more bearable, allowing us to proceed earlier.
    -We will most likely lose time because of segment and there’s like this gap in the gameplay.

I vote for option 2 since we need to move on with this shit quicker and get the release date before 2017. If the runner hits tilde in the middle of a jump or something we shouldn’t lose too much time.

Route demos should be coming soon to the dropbox.


This is going to be so mimp2_seg5-ish. Whatever, I’ll take care of it.


Can i get d1_canals_01 save, so i can start working on first seg.


I choose option two, by the way. Segmenting in mid-air sounds fun!


Talked to DarkEvil, he’s trying 012 a few more times, trying to get the DaleJump or something else, I’m not sure what he’s up to. Don’t actively run this segment just yet.


sure thing. GL dark! :wink:


I suggest this ramp for flyoff


I’ll add you to dropbox. You need to load the 012 save.

22:39 - Darkevil: ok gave up. so i think we should move on 013 22:41 - S.: are you sure? 22:41 - Darkevil: ye
If anyone else wants to try 012, let us know now or do so before we get 013.

Otherwise, we can get actively started on 013


That seg is realy hard, but i think i can pull it off(or Inex)


Did about 100 demos, still didnt get it, like 5 jumps were close just need more speed. ill try tomorrow.


I can do the jump every 1/7 times. Try changing your angle or uncrouch before the jump or something. I’ll try to do this seg when I get home, it’s not that random, but you need some practice/experience.

Also encelect, make sure you’re running with FOV90. Can I have your steam name too? :slight_smile:


Yes its easy, but only thing is that i dont get the speed to fly to tanker…
i’m going to try other routes.

my steam is buff769, if you can’t find, i’m in the sourcerun group with /z/ name.


Edit: nvm some guy beat me with 2seconds


Heh, dont lose hope. This is a really crappy seggy.


Yeah we can attempt this segment for two more weeks, since one segment from HL2DWaHMoV usually takes that much time to complete.