I tried some alternate routes, but this seems to be the fastest. Feel free to look for others though.


traditional hl2dq team route seems faster


Is that really done on the current steam version of the engine? I can’t see how you could fly that well on the updated version?


15 protocol, but i have no-steam orange box version



Well, there is ABH for sure. But if you run in Non-Steam version that isn’t so good. Well, atleast your demos work on Steam clients. Nice route btw!



Seriously, I tried flying this route for at least one and a half hour straight yesterday, starting at the very beginning of the flight. I never flew for more than a couple of seconds. How the hell do you do it? ._.

And btw, this is incredibly good news for the run. Being able to fly such long distances means we’ll easily beat the old HL2DQ time. I can’t wait!


Barrels are weird with flying, yeah. You can manage some stuff, far more difficult, but you can do it.


Oh well. I guess I’ll just leave all the flying segments to you guys, and focus on the abh myself. Or maybe I’ll just practice my ass off and actually learn how the hell to fly on this version. Cue http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ntARTRQOpd0!

But seriously, please teach me how to fly that well. ._.


I’ve binded “use” key to CTRL button (“crouch” default key) and when I’m over the barrel I’m starting to hold space (AHK script) and CTRL button, so i can fly for a long distance. I think


Do you know if your AHK script for space +jump only, or if it’s “bound” to +jump and +use?


Don’t know but here my script:

*f4:: Suspend, Toggle
GetKeyState, state, Space, P
if State = U
; Otherwise:
Send, {Space}
Sleep, 1


And in the game space is bound to +jump only?

That means in order to fly you shouldn’t use the wallclimb script that spams both jump and use, but you should use the jump script and just press and hold crouch? What the fuck? :open_mouth:

I’m at work atm, so I can’t try it right now, but when I get home I have some experimenting to do!


I’ve been experimenting alot on this trick, and one thing I found is that you can fly almost like in this video if you set your view angle a bit higher than completely down. If you listen closely, you will hear use key spam, that means he’s using wallclimb script for flying. Anyways, I had no luck when crouching and using my wallclimb key.

Darkevil, could you please send me a demo of this map and your Autohotkey.ahk file, please? I would like to watch it in slow-mo, and check if there is some weird stuff in your ahk script :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks in advance.


I’m using CTRL to use because with other buttons this does not work.
That means when I’m holding CTRL, AHK script spams use key but when I’m holding E or other buttons this does not work that’s because I’ve rebinded use key.




Weird indeed. I guess it is luck that makes us fly long distances :stuck_out_tongue:

By the way, how the hell can you spam CTRL if there’s nothing in AHK script?


No idea.


Ctrl fucks up AHK. Remember when people tried using crouch for ABH? I’m assuming it’s a benefit of the fucked-up-ness of the AHK, in that when you’re spamming Space, it’s thinking you’re pressing use as well.


Ctrl works as a function key or something to AHK. If you use the normal space spam loop in AHK and push ctrl as well, both ctrl and space will be spammed.
That is the full reason you cant bhop properly with ctrl bound to crouch.

Darkevil seems to have made this into a great fly method, gj :>


In that case, you can fly with Wallclimb Script as we expected. Check out my demo that Ive posted before. Almost as good as this one, but it needs more luck to make it last longer.