Counter-Strike: Condition Zero: Deleted Scenes


Has anyone been able to perform an object boost using the movable boxes located in several of the missions (Hankagai, Lost Cause, Drug Lab, etc)? Explanation here:

I know why this happens. It is because CZ DS has many animation sequences. And, the NPCs, in most cases, do not stop their sequences when their health reaches 0. This is obvious when you stand on the point where an NPC is trying to get to, shoot him with tons of bullets, and then move out of the way. He’ll get to his point, stop the animation, and then fall over dead. In the part of the video you linked to, that enemy had some sort of animation he was performing, and a death animation (you can see him fly back after he ‘dies’). I’d bet a million to one that those sequences are the culprit.


It seems they fixed object boosting in this game. Moving objects isn’t really anything like it is in Half-Life and other earlier GoldSRC games. It requires the same action, pressing and holding the use key to push and pull, but in HL just tapping or holding the use key for a short amount of time whilst moving in a direction will usually send you flying. In this game, as you’ll know, movement is slowed down instead of sped up as you move boxes, which is why it isn’t possible.


Try doing an object boost while duckrolling.


Just tried it, doesn’t work. Like I said, movement is slowed down and neither you or the box itself will fly off when you’re using it, so I don’t see how it would be possible.


Just so everyone knows… 2 of my harddrives are dying on my gaming computer, so it’ll be off for approx. a week (or more?) while I’m getting a new harddrive and reconfiguring my computer. The one harddrive is just a data drive, and the other is the Windows drive. So… yeah. I’ve been planning on reconfiguring the computer, so now is the time. So, there won’t be any runs or updates from me for a bit. Sorry guys.

I’ll still be able to read stuff here, and I’m installing Skype on my laptop so I can keep up with updates there. :slight_smile:

Edit: Gaming computer back up and running with dual 7870’s in crossfire. I should be working on routes and doing RTA runs sometime this week.


So, I got the original (CD) version of the game running. The WON scripts for bhop and duckroll work perfectly. The one thing… it seems that the MP3Volume command is being completely ignored. I set it to 0 and it was still playing the in-game mp3’s at 100% volume. If you set it to a different value, it temporarily sets the volume at that level, but once you reload the map, it completely ignores it again. For now, I’ve just taken the sounds/music folder and renamed it so it can’t load the MP3s. It seems to work just fine.

If you want to use this version, the torrent link is in the Google spreadsheet on the Additional tab (Condition Zero (Original CDs)). It has a no CD crack in it which works great. I’m probably going to be resuming runs and routing soon. :slight_smile:


So I’ve come across something that could be potentially useful. With the first grenade skip in Building Recon, it should be slightly quicker to boost from the top of the broken building. It’s the same number of jumps, you walk less far, no need to wait for NPCs, you save ammo and you fly for a further distance.

I’ve come extremely close to making this jump, and I’m fairly sure it would be possible. The height is possible to make, but you fall just a little short. With some decent strafing you might just be able to make it. I’m terrible at airstrafing, so maybe someone who is better could have a go at it?

This is the jump I’m talking about:


With careful grenade placement and positioning, you could definitely make that jump. Just barely. I’ll take a few shots at it.

EDIT: After attempting it a few times, it doesn’t look as possible as I previously thought. I see what you mean now. I could only get as close as you got it seems. Although, I still think it is possible.


I gave up on the above jump, for me at least, it is impossible. However, I’ve also worked on the Alamo route. I’m pretty happy with what I’ve got. The most significant change is getting in another boost.

Using the WON version, you should be able to shoot the window after the first grenade boost and then duckroll through it until the door.

Again, in the WON version (I need to download that…) there could be potential for getting speed by being shot in the back from 0:15 until 0:20.

I’m curious as to whether using the spawn grenade at this point (0:20) would save more time than using it right near the start. You’d probably take too much damage.

After the rocket jump (0:35) it will also be possible to duckroll to the door.

Trigger delay to the health kit is slower than just bypassing that room altogether, but it allows the grenade jump at 0:55 which bypasses the jumping puzzle and the need to kill a bunch of enemies. I haven’t managed it, but it might be possible to land that grenade jump in the crouch hole in the wall.

Another duckroll after the last grenade boost (1:12) will get you practically to the hostages. Smoke grenade seems worth it for distracting the enemies in that room. Swapping to it in flight will obviously save time. The terrorist next to the hostages does no damage, but can still melee kill you.

The end fight with the helicopters, I don’t think you can really do anything to speed this up. Which is a shame as it takes about about half of the entire run - probably three quarters once the run is fully optimised.


Good job! I didn’t spot any improvements other than what you talked about in the description.

Do you mean the original version? Pretty sure there wasn’t a version released on WON since Steam came about in 2004.


Whoops, yeah, I meant the original version on the CD found here

EDIT: So I just encountered the weirdest glitch I’ve ever encountered. I was messing around on Lost Cause, played through the level, and then restarted it once I was done. However, on this second play through, when I get to the second map of the level it has all the changes from my first play through. So from this part onwards, all enemies are dead, the box has been pushed, barrels exploded etc. That’s really fucking weird…

EDIT2: Restarting the game didn’t work. Restarting the level again and finishing it again didn’t work. Time to reinstall I guess.


If anything, you’ve done something that I have done in HL before. I believe you should direct your attention to the .HL1, .HL2, .HL3 files. If I recall correctly Quad said that they store level data from previous levels. So if anything its loading those files, hence why most stuff is dead, looted, etc.


I just reinstalled the game, it’s small enough not to be a bother, and that fixed it.

On Lost Cause, I found two easy and fairly obvious time savers for a segmented run. The first tripwire you come across should be triggered to boost you across the next room. Health can be restored through the wall to your right.

Then, in the final part of the level you can use the LAW terrorist to boost to the ladder.

I was messing around with other possible boosts, but I think there is only the one armour in the game - which is necessary for a big skip right near the end (using the explosive barrel). So besides those two time savers, I think Coolkids IL route is pretty much as optimised as it gets.


Gonna bump this.

Here’s a general route for Turn Crank.

Besides better execution I’m not sure what would be much faster. There is a possible wallbang, but I can’t seem to line up the shots to bring the boss from full health to zero. Are there any server commands I can use to let me see through walls, like source has wireframe stuff? If you don’t take much damage in the first section, you can probably just use the suicide bomber to boost straight over the fence, rather than run over the rafters. Also, I couldn’t change to the briefcase following the triggerdelay - not sure why, have done so before - that would also increase speed.

Other than that, here’s just some random crap. Duckrolling was a little disappointing because if you jump whilst doing a grenade boost you still lose all speed upon landing. Alamo ones are probably useless. Lost Cause ones are worthwhile. The Wallbanging for Turn Crank is demonstrated here too.


Well, there is away around that if you save mid air then load it it will forget the speed removal


Awesome! That will make duckrolling pop up far, far more often. I wonder if recoil also re-sets upon save/load, because that will be useful when fighting the boss in turn crank. Fully spray instead of tapping. I’ll check that when I next load up the game.


Has any progress been made in the past year? I’d really like to see a segmented run of this game.


I gave up after making some segments with some pretty hard and cool tricks but still being slower than Coolkid’s IL run - I couldn’t get the mouse-swerving movement down and wasn’t really interested in perfecting it. It wasn’t that insignificant either, like 25% slower on Lost Cause.

DemonStrate stopped after getting the RTA world record as far as I know.

I actually re-installed CS:CZ:DS last week thinking about picking it back up, but I work full time and am doing a Masters full time on top of that, so not much time for gaming.
I still have faint interest in returning and finishing a run, maybe over Christmas.


I am highly considering returning to running this (RTA at least). I’d be streaming it on my Twitch channel if I make my return. :slight_smile: I’d really like to get sub-1 hour. Also, I feel like there are more skips we haven’t tried yet.


Uhhh guys. Someone is remaking CZ DS for the Source engine.