Confirmed Runners


I’ve been getting in contact with as many people as possible who used to run HL2 or were helping on the EP1 Phase 1 and anything like that. Confirmed are people who will definitely run and help with the project who I’ve spoken to. Unconfirmed are people who are either undecided, or I haven’t yet gotten in contact

Confirmed Runners:
RandomEngy (Video :D)
suga (Unable to play, but willing to help in any way he can)

Unavailable Runners:

These are all I have so far. As of yet, I haven’t spoken to any of those 3 Unconfirmed runners, but hopefully I’ll get there soon. Suggestions for other runners to get in contact with?


Updated :smiley:


I’m interested in running Ep1. Any chance I could help?


Of course. The more the merrier :D. I’ll add you to the list.


Updated with o40 :smiley:


Hey, any chance I could still join the team? I don’t really have much experience in speedrunning, but I guess I still could contribute in one way or another. If not running myself I’d love to help out with planning routes, and the video assembly once the run is done (if that will ever happen :P).


Updated with foust. I noticed there’s a few people posting that I’m not sure whether they’re interested in running. Anyone who’s not on the list or thinks they’re in the wrong section, please PM me and tell me. I’m almost finished with exams, but I’m still a little busy, but it won’t take long for me to change this.Should be able to get fully into running this soon.


I’d love to join if you’ve still got room. I’m really interested in working on a big project like this, and hopefully I can help out on at least one segment =P


Of course we’ve got room! Add me on Steam as hollerance, I’ll give you an invite to the Steam group and you can join the Steam chat with us :smiley:


Id love to be apart of this run too, even if it is for one segment, that is if you got room :stuck_out_tongue:


Course we always have room. You’re not guaranteed a segment, you have to beat everyone elses time to get it, but when you earn it it feels damn good.I have you on Steam, you’re in the group. Whenever the chat is getting populated I invite pretty much everyone in. Even if we’re not talking about the game, it’s a nice atmosphere :slight_smile:


You can add me to helpers list, I’m always keeping an eye on hl2dq runs =)By the way, doesn’t refer to this forum now. I’ve no idea if domain owner (superjer?) will continue maintain it.Our link for now is


Okay, great. Hm, I’m sure there was one HL2DQ url that redirected me to this, but I don’t remember what it was. I’ll have a look some more :slight_smile:


Whatever happened to Stone anyway.


Add me! Add me! :slight_smile:


I’m finally running so add me too :smiley:


Whoop :smiley:


Hey, I won’t run but I’m following this project since the post at SDA. It’s very entertaining so far, seeing the seconds you guys can shave to finally save minutes from the Phase 1.I will definitively help if it’s needed, and I just have one question about the final video, will it be possible to have a 720p version? Like the Portal run at SDA. (Which is more 800p, better for all the 16/10 screens most of the people own.)Keep up the good work and have fun running EP1.


Thank you very much for your support. Really makes a difference to the motivation when running. :stuck_out_tongue: As for quality. Someone will have to ask REngy.


Yeah, he’s the man to go to about video related stuff.