Confirmed Runners


Hey, I’m going to make the video.And sure it will be in 720p (insane quality).You can mark me with “video work”, as I was at HL2DQ.


Did you talk to RE about this? Also, I’d really think about the 720p decision. Even these days there are plenty of people who will not be able to decode the video without lag in order to actually enjoy watching it. 720p30 at these high bitrates which are necessary for the content to look good enough is just a workload not many computers will be able to handle. If you really wanna go for 720p I’d suggest to release a medium quality version as well. That is unless you really know what you’re doing and are able to bust out some x264 settings (I’m assuming you’re going for h264) that make the decoding process not too work-intensive for any machine. Gaming content just isn’t the same as real live footage where you can work with relatively low bitrates in most cases. Another option would be to go with 25 fps instead of 30 cause that also saves a lot of data.I’m also guessing you’re planning to record this at mulitples of the final framerate to create some sort of fake motionblur. That’s something to reconsider if you ask me. Personally, I haven’t found a decent tradeoff between output framerate, recording rate and quality. Say you cap at 100 fps to have an output of 25 fps, the image won’t look smooth enough cause only 4 frames will be used to synthesize one output frame. On the other hand, if you take a rate that’s too high (400+) you’ll get those really ugly streams when there’s a high amount of movement in the footage. So far I’ve enjoyed the look of HL2DQ the most.So, what are your plans on this? The video settings are crucial in order for the audience to enjoy it. So I really think we should make sure to find settings that accommodate the quality of the run itself.


I’m pretty good in x264 encoding.Of course there will be medium/low quality versions.Insane quality will require any dual core processor and coreavc decoder.I’ve already captured current demos in 1280x720@30fps and saved the segments in x264 lossless.Graphics settings are:No motion blur.I see that it is eye-candy but I’m guess that original graphics should not be altered.Similar idea was to use 3rd party mods with high resolution textures on HL2DQ to make it better look that original HL2, but was declined by this reason.The only addition I want to add is player nick in the corner, as it was in HL2DQ video.The segment with purple bug could be seen in original graphics and bugged graphics.Also I want to make two sound tracks - english and russian (because i like russian dub =)), and maybe commentary track, if runners will record it.


I’m not sure about the full hdr setting. It’s bad enough to have audio gaps between segments despite having visual cuts in the video caused by the blending effect that hdr adds to the game (see inex’s Research & Development run). Unless you find a way to get rid of this effect I strongly recommend not to use it.About the player name, I think it would look cool if it would be presented as part of the HUD, meaning with the same font and the box around it. It could be placed right next to the suit “box” since nothing is displayed there. Should be possible to do this with the demo system. Just an idea.About the Russian audio stream… I don’t know. Seems like you’re the only person who would need or appreciate it. I’m not asking for a German stream either :stuck_out_tongue: I think we should keep it clean and just have one English stream + a possible audio commentary. That’s what I think at least. Let’s hear what the rest thinks.


Ok, that’s what I’m talking about, you’re my hero now. I guess if the final video is about 30/40 min, you could make a nice 1/2 DVD5 release, the bitrate should be around 6/8 mbps, which is awesome :)Edit: for the commentary, I just ask one thing: subtitles. Or at least the transcript, I will sync and translate (French) if needed. And it could be separated, I mean for example the main .avi/.mkv/.mp4 with only the video and the English audio and all the others sub/audio (Russian and commentary) in .srt/.mp3 etc. Most players can play external sources as well as internal.


If the commentary is made, I can work on the subtitles (although I’ll need someone else to help me transcripting the commentary).I can also do the spanish translation :PRegarding video quality, the IQ version isn’t meant to run smoothly on every pc (at least not on the old ones). That’s why there should be a MQ and an HQ versions too. Anyway I don’t have a clue about video stuff so it’s your choice :smiley:


I asked RandomEngy to do the video at the start of this project. I know foust wanted to do it, but I’d already asked RandomEngy at that point. Far as I know, they talked it all out or something. Doxliy, you may want to talk with them about it.Also, I think I agree with putting subtitles for the commentary, not the actual game really, as those subtitles are annoying. I don’t really think adding a Russian audio stream is a good idea, it’s just increasing the file size for little reason, and I don’t really see why we should.If you guys all think we should have the subtitles translated, then I guess that’s fine by me. Not sure if we should just do English, French and Spanish. Any other languages needed? Do subtitles take up much file space? I wouldn’t think so, but I dunno.I have little idea about much of this, so I’ll leave most of it to you guys. Maybe make another thread about all of this someone. Put everyone’s ideas in there and have a talk about what everyone wants.


Like I said,I agree with other audio streams, the final file should contain onle the video and English audio. As for subtitles, I meant of course the transcript of the commentary, nobody cares about the in game voices really much, and it would be ugly.For the space it’s absolutely not a problem, English subs for a 40min show is between 40 and 60 Kb, but again we won’t put them with the video, so it doesn’t matter. I’ll start a thread to clarify all the ideas.


I just finished doing the Research and Development speedrun.About having a 720p version, I’m all about that. In fact if you’re using WMP in Windows 7 or the MPC decoder, you’ll get hardware acceleration on the decoding and everything will play just fine without the need for a beefy CPU. Though your video card can’t be too terribly old.Anyway I ended up making a 720p60fps version of the R&D speedrun just for fun, and it turned out amazing. Watch the thing with hardware decoding and constant quality 25 encoding and you’ll hardly believe you’re watching a video. However you may decline on this option as you’ve already been doing captures. And the quality is actually significantly above SDA’s “X-TREME quality”.As for the video format, are you thinking about MP4/H.264/AAC?


Good news =)Gonna try 60fps with EP1 demos.


I wouldn’t go with MP4, either AVI if the subtitles aren’t in the file or just MKV, which would be the best with multiple audio and subtitles, plus it’s great with H264.But yeah, win7 is now x264/mp4/aac/etc… friendly, and MKV is still out of the picture for most of the people.


Personally, I’m always going for mkv these days (it also offers the option to add chapters which I find very interesting for jumping to a specific map in the run), but I’ve made the experience that the format confuses people a lot… they start searching for “codecs” cause they’re not aware mkv is just a container format and things like that. mkv ain’t a plus for multiple audio streams though as this works perfectly fine with the avi container as well since it supports vbr audio streams nowadays.And doxliy, I decided to write a little application that takes care of the sound mess at the beginning of demos. That way we avoid sound leaps in the run or the necessity to replace wave files to avoid random sounds.I also watched the R&D run again, this time the 720p60 version and I gotta say I was surprised how good it looked, especially for a fraps recording, and that it played back lag free. Guess you were right about the decoding issues, RE. Then again my machine ain’t too bad either :PEdit: It’s not possible to remove the sound from the demo. It most likely occurs cause the items are placed right above the player model and when the demo is loaded he picks them up so to say. That only leaves the option to record the beginning of every demo with the sound file replaced. It’s called ammo_pickup.wav and it’s in the source sounds.gcf. Not sure which folder exactly. Sorry, doxliy. Looks like you have some work ahead of you. You really should start ASAP once we figured out all the details :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s in hl2\sound\items\ammo_pickup.wav . You could capture the start of the segments with this replaced with a blank sound, then splice that in, or go into the GCF and get the original out, then capture with everything gone and add them back in.Here’s a blank sound of the right format.


Given that this is going to be submitted to SDA, you do know that you have to submit specific bitrate files for LQ,MQ and HQ right? Theres nothing stopping you doing an insane quality as well but for submission you have to follow their guidelines, best using Anri-chan. Just saying incase you didn’t know because I’m not sure they enforced such strict guidelines on the encoding back when HL2DQ was submitted.


60fps looks very nice. And yes, removing ammo pickup sound is quite easy with method described by Engy.


ridd3r, I think LQ, MQ , and HQ will be done by the rules, and there will be IQ 720p60, but not submitted, because I don’t think such quality is accepted at SDA.