Segment 1

  1. Run in with the metal from the previous level, quickly take out all combines. Take as little damage as possible as we won’t be refilling until near the end, where we don’t get very much health.
  2. Wait for the bitch to finish talking. Wait with the metal next to the room that’ll be opening soon. As soon as it opens, walk in. There are a few ways to do this, but you have to get on top of the elevator doors very quickly. You can place the metal at a slant and collision boost off of it, then grab it with the gravity gun a few times to get you higher, just get on top of the doors with the metal and hang the metal out over the big elevator drop
  3. Save here, as this is too hard to do in one segment.

Segment 2

1)You have to get to the bottom of the elevator without taking fall damage. To do this, either drop down and use the metal to break your fall on the way down, or do as I do in the route plan and fire it down, then land on it in a certain way to take no damage. There are a few ways to do this. One is to fire it and have it land on a slant against a wall, then land on that slant and maybe sprint against it to take no damage. Another way is my way on the route plan. Fire it down, and as you’re about to get there, lift it up with the gravity gun and fire it down again. I have NO idea how I did this, it was just random. The last way happens very rarely. Fire it down, and it may get stuck between the elevator and the wall. Sometimes, it will be so that there is a gap between the top edge of the metal and the wall. If you fall into this gap, you’ll take no damage. Use any of these ways and don’t take any fall damage.
2) Save here (This I’m not sure about, but it seems the best way)

Segment 3

  1. Put the metal on the edge, grab an orb, stand on the metal, then fire the orb at the side hanging off the edge. As soon as you fire, turn and grab the metal as you’re going through the air. Land on the platform and go through the doors.
  2. Hop down the hall, grab the orb on the right of you, turn and fire it into the orb catcher.
  3. Begin bunnyhopping down the hall again, but do it backwards and at the same time gravity gun the monitor from the computer towards you.
  4. Exit the hall and set up the metal on the edge that is right in front of you, with the bit sticking up on it.

Segment 4

  2. Grab an orb and fire it at the side of the metal hanging off
  3. If done right, you will be flung up and off of a slope, firing you forward quickly into the hallway for the 3rd chamber. Hop down here.
  4. Ignore the guards as you bunnyhop down the corridor. (I think that if you do it too fast, the guards will come back later on and shoot you. Something to test?)
  5. Shoot the door and jump through the gap, hop down the hallway, then down the orb firing range
  6. Shoot away the door, turn and grab an orb, press yourself against the doorway place, crouch and fire the orb into the catcher (Still inside the orb firing hallway)
  7. Kill the combine
  8. Grab an orb through the broken window, crouch in the right position and fire it at the centre generator through the gap (DO NOT DROP DOWN)
  9. Grab another orb through the broken window, crouch in the right position and fire it at the left generator through the gap.
  10. Grab another orb through the broken window, turn and fire it into the orb catcher.
  11. Grab the door you shot away earlier to get into the room and place it in front of the door.
  12. When your gravity gun is zapped back to normal, pick it up and hop down the corridor to Alyx
  13. At a certain point in this, save and stop your demo. (I prefer mid-jump, so you can hold jump and forward while loading and you don’t lose your speed, so maybe on the long stretch while hopping towards the elevator)

Segment 5

  1. Load the save.
  2. Run straight INTO the elevator, place your door down and do a gravity jump to get back over, BRING THE DOOR WITH YOU
  3. Drop the door in that room, and run back to the other room where Alyx usually is to activate the trigger for the cutscene (You have to wait until she’s walked backwards to the computer before activating, else she’ll just stay there. You’ll get the timing after a while)
  4. Run back in there and listen to her. Make sure to refill your health and armour as much as you can. (You should get whatever health and 30 armour. You cannot get any more armour)
  5. Listen to her. It’s obviously important stuff.
  6. Make sure you’re in the room when she says stuff about Judith, since you need to activate a trigger for Judith to talk
  7. Run and wait at the elevator for a while. Make sure the door is over there with you. At some point Alyx should take a few steps towards you. This just gets her a bit closer than she normally should be, so should be a bit faster. Wait there.
  8. Wait for Alyx to open the elevator, leave the door on the floor, run to the elevator.
  9. Step inside for a second, to active the trigger for the combine, then run back outside, grab the door and wait.
  10. Stay on the right hand side until the combine come through the doorway. If done right, you should be able to kill the combine without losing health. I think one shot is possible, but two is easier. Collect all of their weapons. This should give you a fully stocked Pulse Rifle (With 3 orbs) and 1 grenade. This grenade is VERY important. Sometimes it seems the grenade doesn’t spawn, which is a big shame and it is NECESSARY.
  11. Quickly run into the elevator. Wait and listen to the bitch talk, then as quick as you can run forward and activate the trigger when the elevator gets far enough down.

So yes. A LOT of work.

As always, give me suggestions if you think the route is wrong or could be made better.

Okay, new method for this organisation, because god it’s stupid that we never know who to talk to if they’re running or not

Confirmed Runners for citadel_03:

Segment 1: Completed 0:48

Segment 2: Completed 0:08

Segment 3: Completed 0:08

Segment 4: Completed 0:53

Segment 5:

Now, everyone who wants to run a certain segment, or is currently running or whatever, POST AND TELL ME, or message me and get me to add you in. If you are not on this list, I will NOT confirm whether you are finished or not with the segment. I’ll ask the people on the list running the segment whether or not they are happy with the current demo. Of course, even if you’re not running you can mention improvements, but it ultimately comes down to the runners.

edit: Changed route 23/9/09


I have a submission for the first segment. 0:53Yes, it could be made faster with not messing up setting up the metal, but that is the fastest I have killed the combine. My fastest run yet anyway. <3


I managed a 51 second run, but there’s a problem. I think Typical told me this way back when we found out this sequence break. The doors to the control room need to be closed for the sequence break to work, otherwise Alyx doesn’t go into the right speech and messes up.So I think that the only way to improve my run is through the killing of the combine. I’m sure you can kill them faster or make Alyx move quicker. But I believe that’s the only way to get the segment faster.EDIT: I’ve tried a few times, and one time I managed it so that it skipped the elevator entirely when I came back up to the surface. I’m not exactly sure how to do this. I’m pretty sure it all depends on how quickly you hit the trigger at the bottom.If anyone could have a look into how it affects Alyx when you get to the top again, I’m really confused with this at the moment. If you drop to the ground quite late, then she’ll make you get in the elevator and jump out again all the time. However, I’m not sure about other timings. The majority of the time she combines two speeches and delivers them both, THEN makes you get in the elevator and jump out, then carries on with the other speech. However, that one time, she didn’t make me go in the elevator at all, she just did the final speech. I was just messing when I got that one, but maybe someone could have a test?


Just a quick note for this map is that you need to leave it with about 90+ health in order to do a later nade jump.


When do you get home Typical? Was asking your sister, but even she didn’t know. My god :PAnyway, that’s not necessarily true. We need to leave this map with as much health as possible. However, there is a health recharger right at the end of citadel_04. Alyx takes a while to get into the stalker car, so I tested it and we have enough time to get ~50 health from it.So really minimum we want to leave citadel_03 with 50 health, but that gives us no option but to take absolutely no damage in citadel_04, which is quite stupid as the fastest way is by punting the rollermines at the combine yourself.Really, I say we should just take as little damage as possible in this map altogether, but allow some damage if the time is fast enough.Okay, now I’ve had a check on citadel_03 for the first/second segment. My 51 seconds run DOES work okay, so I’ll submit that as my fastest time. 0:51. Now, the only thing is that when I get above the elevator, Alyx isn’t in the control room. THIS is what made everything mess up. I found, however, that if you move just a tiny bit back on top of the elevator doors, back into the control room, Alyx assumes you’re in there and will carry on walking in, rather than before when she just stood watching you from outside.Since she walks in, it allows you to go through everything and do it all as the route guide says. Just remember that you need to move backwards when we go on segment two. I’ll put it in bold and underlined and in the route guide and everything when we get to that segment.

#6…3_seg1.rar.html50s. But if you watch it, you’ll see the giant mistake at the very beggining. I’m gonna go correct it soon and hopefully get a 48s. Stay cool hl2dq team!




Got a save file for this section? :PEdit: My bad, got it.


And our newest (or oldest, in a way) runner, CaLeB- is here. He worked on the Phase 1 part of this project I believe, so welcome friend :D.


I was going to speedrun though this map, but the damn elevator jumping is getting on my nerves! :stuck_out_tongue: Perhaps I should help on the second segment of this map once typical gets his first segment finalized.


I’m not 100% on this, but I’m pretty damn sure about it. Alyx is on a timer. She’ll run to the computer and then pause for a while and then start talking. Obviously if you do it stupidly slow she’ll take longer to start talking, but there’s a limit to how fast you can do it. I got an insanely fast run with the combine and Alyx just stood there for about 2 seconds and waited before talking.Typical, looking at your demo, thinking about Alyx being on a timer, I think the only reason it’s 50 seconds is because you segmented before grabbing the metal, whereas I segmented after, and my time was a very low 51 anyway.Obviously I might be wrong entirely, but I think that I’m right about this one. Please anyone feel free to get lower than 50 seconds or find a way to make it faster, but I’m just saying my thoughts.(As a note, Alyx seems to run much faster if you leave one of the beginning 3 combine alive for her to kill. So kill 2, kill the end 2, then Alyx should be pretty far forward trying to kill the last combine, then you kill it and she’ll run to the computer. Just in case I’m wrong, then we have a way to get it faster :D)


If you’ve seen my demo I’m pretty sure that could be faster by atleast a second. I don’t fully understand what you’re saying but does it effect me getting a lower time?


Looking at your demo, you’d think that with the mistakes, you could get a better time, but I do think that Alyx will use the computer at the same time as long as you do it even slightly fast, because she’ll pause when she gets to the computer, and wait until a certain point, so I don’t think you CAN get a lower time. Maybe a smoother demo (And can you segment after grabbing the metal on top of the elevator? It’ll make it a lot easier for the next segment) with the same time, just less mistakes, but I really think that a lower time isn’t really possible.

#14… I vote to move on.


Watched the demo, I see no mistakes with it, also propose to move on.




Normally I would agree. But there’s something terribly wrong here. If you use typical’s save, you’ll be constantly crouching from now on. There’s no way around it. I managed the drop twice and both times I couldn’t stand up. I noclipped down the elevator with the same result. I even tried to “stand up” in the air, but no difference whatsoever. Any thoughts?


-duck in console.



Crouch is very weird in source games. Sometimes in Fortress Forever I stay crouched but still move at full speed. Combined with bunnyhopping it looks very strange and it will stay like that until I crouch again.Just a lil interesting fact for ya. :smiley: