As we’ve just finished citadel_00 with a fantastic time of 7:18 done by Inex (demo in the time table thread here), I thought it was about time to open up a topic for the next segment, citadel_01.Any useful information you can contribute for the level, just post em below. Enjoy :wink:


Okay, we’re finally onto citadel_01 after wringing all the spare time out of citadel_00 as we can. I’m sure we’re all sick of that. Now here’s the map where we tell Alyx to fuck off right until the end really.

I’m not sure if this map should be a single-segment or if it should be segmented just once. The route we run contains no autosaves, so we can’t escape the penalty if we do. I’ll post the route I use which I think is pretty fast. It’s just the jump at the start that’s hard. The reason I want to segment it is because it just takes far too many tries to get it, and to get all the other stuff perfect in the few tries where you succeed, I don’t think it’s that feasible.

Citadel_01 Route Guide:

  1. Circlejump and hop down the corridor, gain as much speed as you possibly can
  2. Make it as if you’re just going to jump off the edge, but when you can, during your hopping, jump onto the barrier to your left
  3. Use this added height and the extreme speed to jump on the pillar in front of you. This is a VERY hard jump, made harder by the following step
  4. After hopping off the pillar, keeping your speed, you have to land on the next platform, then turn right slightly and jump basically off the walkway altogether, then curve back on. This avoids a trigger that spawns the combine further up, which slows us down a hell of a lot if we don’t avoid it. A demo
  5. Continue down the corridor, stopping hopping at the end, and sprint-crawl through the gap
  6. Hop/Sprint up the stairs, circlejumping to the right and hopping down the corridor
  7. Just hop straight over the metal pileup (When in mid-air, I find it best to curve to the right slightly, so you avoid the generator above you)
  8. Get to the end of the corridor, then stop hopping and circlejump to the left again.
  9. Hop up the stairs, and quick as you can jump the barrier, and circlejump to the right
  10. I think you can quite easily cut the corner and jump from before the lightbridge straight onto it, then hop down the lightbridge (In some cases, it may not actually spawn because you went through the trigger in a strange way. No matter, because then the combine don’t spawn, the lightbridge can still be walked over, it’s just invisible)
  11. While hopping down, I think it’s a good idea to grab the combine scanner floating above with the gravity gun and keep it with you
  12. Hop through these corridors, turning right, then left. You DON’T need to stop your hop here, you can keep it all going quite smoothly
  13. On the last turn, it’s again possible to keep your hop quite easily, jumping over the barrier as quick as you can and making sure Alyx is behind you
  14. Fire the scanner against a wall or the floor, and see if it drops an armour battery (22% chance of this approx.), then pick up one of its pieces
  15. These pieces are unsolid to you, but they are solid to Alyx. I’d imagine you can teleport her here, especially since it doesn’t seem to be a timed action, but she only uses the computer when she gets to it.
  16. Listen to her crap, blah blah blah
  17. As soon as she opens the gate, hop down it, turn right, then left, then into the confiscation field. You should be able to get right against the edge.
  18. Wait until it gives you super gravity gun, then stand on it and pick it up (Surely you can pick it up fast? There always seems to be a delay on it)
  19. Hop down the corridor, and turn the corner into the map trigger
  20. While it’s loading, press the console key. As soon as it’s loaded, stop the demo and save a file called citadel_02
  21. Find the time of your run and brag to everyone if it’s better than theirs.

That’s all I can think of atm. I’d suggest, if we do segment, that we segment about step 6, because then when we load all we have to do is be pressing forward and sprint, so it’s easier to get your bearings, plus it’s a reasonable time after the jump where it’s hard to mess the rest of it up.

I’d like to test out Alyx being able to be teleported, how far away you can jump onto the lightbridge from and any other possible skips you guys can think of?


Excellent guide, Mr! I’ll take a closer look at the map when I get home tonight.


Edited the post including a link to the demo of the longjump with trigger skip, along with a screenshot of the trigger we have to avoid. It looks difficult to dodge due to how thick it is, but it’s much easier than it appears.


My fastest run of the first segment yet. We DID decide to segment it at Step 6, so it’s all good. Only one minor hiccup in the segment in that I hit the wall just before going underneath. Everyone is free to beat it obviously, but this is the best run I’ve had yet. Link


bah, I made a smooth demo where I nailed both the jump and the crouch part of this segment. Too bad I look like a hen without a head in the beginning of the demo.Ill keep trying.


Aww, lame. We’re nearly there :smiley:


I’m pissed I haven’t had the chance to fully concentrate on the map yet. Went home for the weekend and had to set up my new system when I got back which led me to playing hours of Episode 2 yesterday… and hell, it’s SOO much better than Ep1. So let’s get this shit done and start on Ep2 right away ;>


Look at it this way. The sooner we finish Ep1 the sooner we can start Ep2!



It feels like this segment needs some luck. And I think I rean out of it. Going to spend some days in the sun before trying some more.


FUCKING DONE! It wasn’t a very fast bunnyhop but it’s done.…! (There should be the demo of the jump and the save I made)


Hey there. Long time no see, eh? Anyway, I gave the second half of the map a try today. I had already done the first segment about two weeks ago. The general loss of interest in the project from you guys kinda choked my own motivation as well. I hope we can pick up the pace again.My best time so far was a decent 2:42 + 0.5 sec for the whole map. Unfortunately I completely forgot to dodge the spawn trigger, but figured it might not be too important for the segment’s time. I guess you could still improve 2:42. There might be a shortcut when you jump over the ledge down to the bridge area where you activate the other spawn trigger. Maybe you guys already thought of it. If you go fast enough and jump off the rail, shift to the right, land on the little ledge to the right and continue jumping you might be able to make it to the middle of the light bridge even though it’s invisible. For some reason it’s already there and only becomes unsolid if you activate the spawn trigger for the NPCs I think.


Dawwww would have looked so awesome if you had dodged that trigger. The way you did the jump looked pretty cool anyway.You could save a little time by jumping on the bridge as soon as possible. Even if it doesn’t light up the clip is still there.I’ll work on the second segment on Sunday and see what time I come up with anyway. :lol:


I hope I took the right demo, but this demonstrates what I meant.


That jump at first segment is crazy =)


OMG Foust that’s awesome. Definitely worth attempting to put in the run since it could probably just 2 or 3 seconds. Mainly because that drop onto the lower platform requires you to slow down and then the time it takes for you to drop down.How hard was it to do that?


It’s definitely an advanced jump. 50% of the time or even more I get stuck when I try to bunnyhop up the stairs. I’m not sure if it’s simply luck or if your trajectory has to be exactly perpendicular to the stair traids if that makes sense. Then you need to land exactly on the rail in order to jump far enough to make it across the pit. Also, so far I haven’t been able to do the jump, land on the light bridge and keep going. I usually crash into the wall on the little ledge and somehow make it to the light bridge, but with heavy speed loss. It definitely would save a couple seconds as you said, but I’m not sure if the frustration factor would be too high again. Speaking of frustration, where the hell is inex and the rest for that matter? Is it really just you and me left after ONE map??


Are you saying we’re the next Maximus and Suga? :wink: But seriously. I’ll try it out and see whether it could be worth it. I still haven’t finished a run of the map yet personally.


haha, that sounds a little overconfident to me :Pi think i ran into a little problem with the light bridge shortcut. for some reason alyx takes way longer to follow you if you take the shortcut. it feels like the time you wait for her to walk up to the rail and start her “what went on in here…” speech is longer than the actual time you save with the shortcut. maybe it was bad luck, but even in the demo i posted she didn’t appear on the rail right away. that would definitely suck cause the jump doesn’t seem so hard after all :confused: