Hey guys.

Just for now, we’ll count this as starting again. First up is citadel_00. This is obviously just a boring map to introduce the story, and after going through it about 6 times after either taking damage from random gravity jumps to keep my interest, or messing up the bunnyhopping right at the end, I got a demo I was satisfied with.

I’m only keeping this one up for today, I don’t know of any shortcuts to get past this quicker, so really the demo doesn’t matter. The main point is keeping the audience amused during this. They’ll know the story too (Most probably), so you have to make it look as if you’re having fun, no matter how pissed off you are.If everyone will please use this save file, then we have fully accurate times to compare between. The demo and _2 is also in that rar file.

Again, HARD difficulty, I doubt you need a route guide for this map, just do everything as quickly as possible, and prepare for tomorrow when citadel_01 will begin.

My time for this is 7 mins, 56 seconds.

EDIT:Okay, so I’ve finally got around to updating this first post. A lot has changed since the very first few runs of this. We now have a run at the speed of 7mins, 17 seconds ran by me, which is almost a 40 second improvement! That’s incredible, very well done to everyone contributing.

Here’s a route guide to the map.

Segment 1

  1. Load the game, wait for Dog to pluck you out, let the bitch hug you, grab the gravity gun.

  2. Quickly run up to the computer monitor, grab the two healthpacks.

  3. Grab the bike off of the pole and basically stick it in the left hand side of the gunship, where there is a gap to the other side. It only needs to go in about half-way, you’ll pull it the rest of the way from the other side.

  4. Wait at the computer terminal until Alyx gets up there and starts talking to Eli

  5. Run to the right side, and there are 3 metal spikes poking horizontal. You want to jump on them such that you can manage to jump onto the highest one

  6. Jump from here onto the pillar type thing in the opposite direction of Alyx, the one that basically holds up the gate.

  7. From here, sprint jump onto the wall to your right

  8. Walk forward, onto the top point of it, then jump forward. This jump may take a bit of practice, but you’ll basically walk on an invisible clip.

  9. Walk forward, and then jump into the big pile of rubble to your left.

  10. Climb up all of this rubble, and then jump onto where you can see the other side of the gunship.

  11. Use the gravity gun, some wiggling and some patience to pull the bike out of the other side

  12. Jump down to the next ledge, and place the bike where Alyx normally lands. I’m not sure where to describe this exactly, so either watch a demo run-through or just play through and learn where it is.

  13. Wait until an appropriate point, but certainly before the line “Let’s see if we can find our way into the citadel from somewhere along the rim”. I did mine just before this line.

Segment 2

  1. Load the save file, and wait until Alyx says the word “somewhere”

  2. On this, run forward through the clearly indicated route3) Sprint-crawl under the first obstacle, stand up on the other side and press against the first obstacle (This is my way of doing it. It seems to give more consistency with glitching Alyx)

  3. At this point, if Alyx hasn’t fallen through the floor, run as fast as you can through the rest of it. Jump the gap, sprint-crawl under the car and gravity gun it away as fast as you can. The faster you do it, the faster Alyx will do it and the faster time you’ll get.

  4. If done right, Alyx will glitch past all of her scripted sequences before calling for Dog. If you didn’t get her to glitch past the final crawling obstacle, best to restart because that one really slows it down.

  5. Grab the metal vent casing type thing in one of the corners of this area. (Normally, not with the gravity gun)

  6. Walk to Alyx, and wait, with the casing resting above her head (Not touching!)

  7. When she says “Now stay with us and help us find a way over”, you need to bonk her on the head with this. There is probably an exact way to do this, but you really just need to get a feel for it. If done right, she will teleport to the side a bit and immediately begin talking. If it doesn’t work, try once or twice more, if not restart because this is essential to lowering the time.

  8. If you got that, then just mess around and do whatever. Try and be entertaining, and make sure you get in the car at a time so Alyx isn’t waiting for you to do it, because that obviously wastes time. I normally do it when Dog is hugging Alyx

  9. Blah blah, wait, wait, wait, van goes vroom down the gap. Wait until the van smashes, then start bashing E trying to get out of the car.

  10. As soon as you can get out, circle jump to get bunnyhop speed and run down the hall, turn left, bunnyhop, turn right, bunnyhop and finish the level with an awesome time.

  11. While the next level is loading, press your console key, and then when the next map loads your console will be open. From that, then stop the demo (stop) and save a save file called citadel_01 (save citadel_01).

  12. Play back your demos and add up the times :smiley:

Good luck all :smiley:


Updated with new demo, save file, time and difficulty. After today, we’re going onto citadel_01, let’s get this started again! :smiley:


5 seconds faster? That’s awesome.


We were using hl2dq upload service (, but now it seems to be out of order =(


A few things…This is the map list:] maps *-------------PENDING: (fs) credits.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_background01.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_background01a.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_background02.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_00.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_00a.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_01.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_02.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_02a.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_02b.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_05.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_c17_06.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_citadel_00.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_citadel_01.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_citadel_02.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_citadel_02b.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_citadel_03.bspPENDING: (fs) ep1_citadel_04.bspYour demo name isn’t correct. The scheme HL2DQ uses is mapname_runnername_time(XmYs). So, instead of citadel_00_inex_7min56secs.dem, it should be ep1_citadel_00_inex_7m56s.dem. Also, the time from Phase 1 done by CaLeB was 7m50s, so you have to beat the Phase 1 time to be able to advance. Also, everyone that is running the game has to agree to move onto the next map. You can’t just say “We are moving onto the next map” before everyone that is running gets a chance to try to beat the time.Also, could someone help me get the old demo playback to work? I have all the demos from Phase 1, but they are using an older version of the source engine. Thanks.Edit: I also noticed that you started your demo a little early. You want it to start when the “Undue Alarm” text appears. It seems to start at the very end of the opening cinematic (its white for a few seconds).


Well I guess we shouldn’t move on until we’ve subbed 7 minutes 50 seconds. Sucks though. The map isn’t that good to keep running.


It’s fine by me. Sorry about all that, I’m still just figuring everything out, not really experience in any of this. I’m in the thick of exams atm, so I won’t be able to run much for another few days or be around that much.Good to see activity anyway :smiley:



Hmm. If you’re wanting to use that stuff in later levels, you can put things in the back of the van, meaning you’d keep them with you, if that’s something to try? Might make the citadel_01 better if we can fly on things to cross some of the gaps.


Hmm, for some reason when you put objects in the back of that car they fall through the back of it when it moves quickly. I may try and put it in different places in the car…



Maybe you could get something stuck inside Alyx or yourself and it’ll stay the whole way down. Possibly the car if you crush the computer inside of it when dog “throws” it.



Meaning that there is a barrier keeping objects out? Maybe if the car lands on the computer you could force it inside the front. Then the barriers that kept objects out now keep objects in…Bit of a long shot. Also then you need to see whether it would get sucked out of the front seat on the way down that hole and if it did how would you get it out.Edit: The car just pushes the computer case out of the way.


Ticks in one second in the demo have constant value or it depend on the power of computer?Edit: Small demo for entertainment:;13…;/fileinfo.html :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m having trouble getting 7 minutes 50, let alone getting lower. Best time so far is 7:52. Going to get a better look at the route and the original run.

#17…del_00.rar.html7m 35s. I think I might have started recording a little late or something because that’s a bit too much of an improvement.


I think the recording was maybe a second or two late, but I don’t understand how you removed like 20+ seconds from it.It’s a great demo, the only problem with it is that you lost a lot of health, when really there’s no reason to and it only puts us at a disadvantage later.


There we go. ^^No health lost and an earlier recording.7:38Edit: Bawwww.…del_00.rar.htmlHopefully this is the right one. >.>


Good news, typical.Awesome! )