Can't load old demos after new patch?

I know I haven’t been running a lot, I’ve been pretty busy and I guess you guys have been too. I recently loaded up HL2 to watch a demo though, and had to download some decent sized update. Well, I tried playing old demos, and they won’t play for me. Is anybody else having this problem? You can still fly and bunnyhop, but I just can’t play older demos.

same here maximus. This is total shit :confused:

How old demos are you talking about? Every demo recorded prior to this patch?This doesn’t sound good.

lets ask for a demo converter from valve (if this is true).Or at least information of how to make one, but I guess that they wont like to release the code for the demos.

the day we are afraid of has come :frowning:

I haven’t downloaded an update for ~2 months (I’m on a 56k-modem and if the update doesn’t do anything important for the Source-engine I don’t update). Is EVERY demo that has recorded before this update worthless?is so, guess we need to contact Valve again…

If possible, please don’t update your HL2… In the worst case someone with the older version could use a program to make an (illegal?) “update” back to the older version.

how do you turn off that auto update crap? is there a way to legitimately do it?

er whoops, that was meh ^^ :stuck_out_tongue:

Since I don’t have HL2 currently installed, I’m guessing you could go to …Steam\SteamApps\ and make a back up of half-life2.gcf or whatever it’s called or go to its preferences and make it “read only”. After that you can run Steam and disable automatic updates. Remember to disable “read only” when you want to receive updates again.

I Havn’t the net on my computer, I’ve an old version of steam :wink:

Oh yeah, you can run Steam in offline mode and disable automatic updates that way, too.

All previously recorded demos are not playable =(.2 Samppa - last update changed Source engine, not hl2 content.To disable steam updates you can block steam.exe by any firewall and play at offline mode.“Update back” is possible, but is it necessary ?Maybe I’m not right but I think it is correct to continue with latest version and use old version when phase2 will be complete to capture video from “old” demos.Anyways hl2dq community should ask valve to help at this bad situation (maybe really demo converter or support for old demos in future updates).

Yeah, we need to email Valve. There IS a solution to this, it just takes a little work.I thought it was comical that Fragalishus happened to make a post on the old forums that read:"no. what’ll really happen is the day after the very last demo is submitted and accepted, and the avi conversion is about to begin, they’ll update the protocol and render all old demos useless again."Posted Dec 17 2004, 07:23 AMIf ONLY coast_11 was the last demo…

Yes, there IS solution and i’ve made this little work (i mean backup to build2455) =)hl2v7b2455 backup archive is 5.5 mb (tryed to put there only needed files)It can be used separately with latest update (which is hl2v7b2515) for playing all current hl2dq demos or any other purpose.If you need this, I’ll upload backup here.

This is exactly what I meant. Did you do it manually? There are programs to do stuff like this… After a bit Googling, I found this:…o-Patcher.shtmlIf that program doesn’t work somehow, try clicking “Similar freeware programs” on that page.

My release is for these people who had updated and want to watch demos without harming their current version.It’s just needed to unpack anywhere and launch hl2.exe (works with my last steam update). It not needed to replace any files in your steam folder.Maybe you will find it (5.5 mb);4187833;;/fileinfo.htmlP.S. read readme.txt =)

isn’t it possible to add the older version as a source mod somehow? i think it comes handy if it can be done.

No, this is impossible because there are different source engine versions

This is what I hate about steam. They release updates every two days, but no possibilty to change it back. Last update also broke several mods, well, they took care of theirs (hl2dm/css) but didn’t even drop a note for the developers. No chance to NOT update. If you want to play online, you need to update. And no way to change it back. I think it shouldn’t be a problem to save the differences between the versions (patches aren’t that big, are they?) and once you want to “go back” just activate, and the saved files will be copied over the new ones…