Blast from the past


I was looking through files on an old hard drive. I found one called ‘flying.rar’. It is the original 2 demos plus an explanation text file that I uploaded for the HL2DQ team to show them how to fly (aka prop flying). The demos may work in the old-engine version of the game. If anyone could get these demos working and make an encode, I’d really appreciate it. AFAIK, they were not using flying in their speedrun until I sent them these demos.

FYI: I only went by Transgenic back then. I hadn’t made the handle DemonStrate yet.


the demos dont work on 2707,
any one else have an older version


The HL2DQ demos include an older version that the demos can play on.


Put these binaries in a 2707 build to play these demos, since the demos only work on the 2455 engine.


Where do I get a build of 2707?


Not allowed to post it here, so I PM’d.


I went to go try to run this today. It is asking for a number of GCFs that don’t exist in my Steam directory. Quite old ones line ‘source engine.gcf’, ‘source models.gcf’, etc. Anyone have/know where I can get the GCFs to be able to launch this version? You can PM me with the info if do you.


I think you can get them from the cinematic mod forums.


I tried there, but they didn’t contain all the GCFs I needed. Right now, I was able to find some random Russian FTP that contains the GCF files. They are dated 2006-12-16, so it looks like I should be able to get what I need. :slight_smile: I’ll make another post once I have an encode of the demos.


You’re using the build I sent you right? That’s strange, when I run mine, it never asks me for GCFs, I’ll render them if you want.


I was able to get the required GCFs. They were:

  • half-life 2 content.gcf
  • source engine.gcf
  • source materials.gcf
  • source models.gcf
  • source sounds.gcf

I tested it out and the demos played! I should be making a render of them tomorrow. It was really something to see them after all these years. I can still remember when I was figuring that stuff out. Very nostalgic.


I’ve uploaded the video of the demos!

Half-Life 2 - Original Flying Demos:

Also, I realized there isn’t a YouTube video of the Insane Quality version of Half-Life 2 Done Quick. I’m going to upload that also if that is fine with you guys. I’m actually re-encoding it from an AVI encode to an MP4. It’ll be easier to upload that way, and YouTube shouldn’t have to re-encode it for themselves. The original AVI is 3.7 GB, and unfortunately, is only 30 FPS and 480p. That was ‘Insane Quality’ back then. :stuck_out_tongue:


If there are demos, someone could rerender them in 1080p but I don’t know if anyone would want to.
Also, I’ll be sure to check out this video; I’m intrigued.
edit: yalter also makes a point


YouTube always re-encodes the videos you upload, no matter which format or settings you use. You can even download a video from YouTube and upload it back, it will only get worse. So you’ll be better off uploading the original .AVI.


That’s pretty cool to see the origin of a major glitch in a major run!

Also, Heplooner rendered some segments in 720p a while ago but old engine doesn’t support upscaling, it just crashes, and I don’t think he’s gonna want to render 70+ demos.


You are correct that they always re-encode it. However, it seems that they are highly limiting the bitrate of the video depending on the resolution provided. Look at Table 4 from this site:

So, it would be best if I took the original 480p video and upscaled it to 1080p. The bitrate of the original video is 4994 Kbps, and YouTube produces 1080p videos with a bitrate of 5841 Kbps. So, that means the bitrate should be correctly preserved if I upscale it. So, I think I’m going to try that and see what kind of results I get.

Edit: Interesting… I went to upscale it and realized that the original video has an incorrect aspect ratio. I thought it was standard 16:9 480p which is 854x480, but it is 852x480. So, when I upscale this, it’ll be ever so slightly stretched. If I didn’t stretch it, to preserve the aspect ratio, I’d be producing a 1916x1080 video, which is just strange. I’m going to stretch it those 4 pixels because that resolution is dumb. Lol.


So are the original demos for DQ completely lost to time? Thats sad.


They’re not lost, you can get them here


Oh sweet. I guess if someone wanted to, they could be rerendered in a reasonable resolution but perhaps nobody is up for it at this point.


Unfortunately, upscaling it didn’t work out as I’d hoped. It looks better than Phoenix’s upload, but it isn’t anywhere close to the same as the Insane Quality version.

Half-Life 2 Done Quick - Insane Quality - 1080p Upscale

For whatever reason, it just doesn’t want to preserve the quality of what I uploaded. The actual upscaled video looks much better than what you can watch as 1080p on YouTube. Honestly, it doesn’t look that bad watching it from the video file itself. Anyone have any suggestions on how to get YouTube to not suck ass? :stuck_out_tongue: