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Since Fousts download link in the Ep2 thread is broken and blamod really doesn’t have anything to do with Ep2, I’m just going to leave this here.

Half Life 2 speedrunning mod. You need to fix the scene’s but I can’t remember how Jared told me to do so I’m going to wait for him to destroy this description.


You also need this


And here I was hoping for you to destroy the description! ;D


Haaa, yeah that never happened, now did it. I guess once we actually finish the mod…


Feature list? When is this last updated?


The last update was from Foust. Feature list can be found here:


God…the last time I read that, I was still in high school…


Everytime I read it I get a little excited.


Alright everyone, Valve has changed some coding on us, or something idk I’m pretending to know what I’m talking about. If you’re not seeing ./blamod in your Steam list, go into your GameInfo.txt file in the root dir, and replace everything in there with this

	game 			"./blamod"
	title			"RUN BABY RUN"
	title2			"(working title)"

	icon			"resource/blamod"
	type			"singleplayer_only"

	nodifficulty	"1"
	developer		"Dr. cRZYFST et al."
	developer_url	""

		SteamAppId 218
		ToolsAppId 211
		AdditionalContentId 220 //HL2
		AdditionalContentId 380 //Ep1
		AdditionalContentId 420 //Ep2

			Game |gameinfo_path|.
			Game hl2
			Game ep1
			Game ep2
			Game episodic


Okay, I got blamod, it’s in my steam library and everything is working fine. There’s just one problem, I have absolutely no idea how to start a map, when I hit new game, its just grey.


Hit the ~ key to open up the dev console, and type in “map d2_coast_01” (or any other map name for that matter).


Hey i got a prob. For some reason when i click the dropbox link it cant find the file. Could you make a mediafire link or a direct link for me? that would be helpful. :slight_smile: Thanks.


A new download link

Just unzip and plop it into your Steam/steamapps/sourcemods/ folder.


Now i have another problem…for some reason even though the new link has the updated gameinfo and scenes, Blamod doesn’t mount ep1 & ep2 even though i played the eps already and have them installed -_- can you help me with this?


Unfortunately, no. I haven’t been successful with mounting all of those games at once. If you want to mount them, you’ll have to do it individually every time you launch blamod.


When will the pulse rifle and shotgun knockback be done? :slight_smile:


Most likely never as I haven’t touched the mod in ages. The only thing that might make me pick it up again would be Valve updating the SDK to support the current iteration of the source engine.


Oh, valve…

What the fuck…?


I just replace my hard drive and I lost all my mods, including ./blamod, after re-installing it I found that f7 didn’t turn on invul and infinite ammo, is there a config file I’m missing?


Also, ABH doesn’t work.