A.I Disabled after level change


My very first time playing HL2 was some cracked version, I didn’t had internet at that time. Now I don’t know if that’s the crack’s fault or maybe it used some old build. I want to describe it, maybe someone will remember it. I had A.I Disabled pop up on the screen after loading a save or after level change almsot at random. I never could figure out the pattern. I couldn’t turn it off with the console. I had to relaunch the game and hope it won’t happen again. I remember there was hl2.exe and separate Launcher.exe It must have been one of the first cracks of HL2


This is something to do with node graphs. Some other guy had it a while ago:

It’s probably the crack’s fault.


Yes ! I remember long loading times because of “building node graphs” or something… hmmm. Maybe the crackers deleted them to make the package smaller.