Youtube's Partnership offer


YouTube is offering us (the sourceruns channel) to accept the youtube’s partnership.
This means, we would get a chance to earn money (or atleast founders of SourceRuns will), some awesome features for our channel and probably a views boost for our videos :slight_smile:
There’s also one minus - our videos would get these pesky ads on them, but I don’t think thats so bad, is it?

Vote your opinion, help us decide!


Other than paying for server costs I see no reason to do it. Since we up like one new video every other month or so I don’t think we’d get that much money anyway, and at least the videos would be commercial-free if we didn’t.

Or maybe I’m wrong - how much do you actually get per view? Does anyone have a good source on the money to be made from partnership?


I don’t know, because I don’t care about the money.
I’m mostly hyped for the features we would get, and more people would see our hard work :smiley:


What kind of features would that be?


Check any channel that has partnership with youtube.
We would be able to set our own video thumbnail (I think), links over the channel page, and other kind of stuff like that.

I honestly don’t know, never been a partner of YouTube anyway ;d


We can’t unless we get a sponsorship from Machinima Respawn or something. If I really wanted to, I’d ask a friend of mine (he’s a premium director) to set something up, but it’s not really worth the hassle, Machinima’s not the best to work with, from what I hear.


Right, the money’s a cool thing, help pay for the website costs, which is great as the costs have increased this year. We need to find out what the money would be for each view, see if it’s worth it.

Thing is, we’re uploading videogame footage. Is this copyrighted material that we’re not allowed to make money from (Although it goes to the website, if we make money it’s not gonna be allowed depending on the rules). Jared, is that why you said we need a sponsorship from Machinima? Could an email to Valve figure this out, or will that get it shot down entirely?

Exec, you seem excited about the features, and yet don’t actually know what features there are. Can you get us a list of what benefits we’d actually get from being in a partnership?

Also, what are the ads gonna be like? Can we choose length and skippability, subject, etc?

I’m open to the idea, but I’d like to see whether it’s worth it.


A sponsorship from Machinima really is the only way. It wouldn’t be hard to obtain, but Machinima has this strict thing where if they sponsor your channel, you have to be able to produce videos regularly, otherwise they drop you rather quick. I’ve heard pretty bad things from Machinima in the past, and would like to avoid them if we can. If we e-mail valve, they’ll tell us that we need to have a license to profit off of a Source game, which is about 30,000 USD. The only features we’d get are the banner thing and faster uploading/processing time. I would suspect extra promotion, but I doubt that’ll help us in the slightest. The ads are entirely up to Google’s queue, and we have no say what ads play or how long they play, and I think that’s pretty ridiculous making someone have to watch ads to see our speedrun. Ads will show up every 20 or 30 minutes, and if we have an hour long speedrun, it’ll be like watching a commercial. The only reason we got that indication is because youtube automatically sends those things out when you get a bunch of views all at once, I got one a few years ago when I began making a machinima. I applied for a partnership for shits and giggles, and was shot down immediately, and this was when I had 1,500 subscribes and 200,000 views, so our odds of being accepted are close to 0 unless we go through Machinima, where our odds are much better, but I’d rather not deal with them. Whatever you guys want to do is fine with me, but remember, this all goes under my name, so if I get in trouble, I’m the one who has to pay, and if I ever get in trouble for this site, I’ll cease hosting it, mainly because I do not need further financial problems. The only thing appealing about this whole thing is the banner, and while I would like to have one, I don’t think we should pursue this. But, then again, it’s up to you guys, I haven’t done nearly as much as you guys have on the channel, so I guess we’ll only do this is the mass consensus is yes.

Also, I have changed the password to the SourceRuns page, the people I have sent the PW to over skype will be the only people who will get it from now on, too many people had it before.


If that’s the case, then let’s stay with current settings.

Speaking of money, we need this PayPal “Donate” button which would allow people donate us money for the runs we make. I’m sure this would help out for the website. I’m ready to donate too, if needed :stuck_out_tongue:


Donations wouldn’t be towards the run we make, it’d be towards continued running of the website (I think that distinction will make a difference in whether it’s allowed for us to receive donations or not :P). That should hopefully be up soon.


Uugh, Machinima


Doesn’t seem worth it imo.


You can choose what advertisements will display. I’ve tried the trial partnership and it doesn’t seem like it’s worth it. Plus you get $0.30 USD from each 1000 views by registered users. I think if you get full partnership, it’s something like $2.50 USD. If it were me, I’d just decline. There’s no point.


I agree


I received an invitation like that a few months ago for my channel. I don’t know if you received the same invitation as me, but here it is. I used google translate because mine was french, so don’t mind small mistakes

If you received that same invitation, then you’ll have to create an adsense account, link it with your youtube then select videos you want to put an ad on. On my account now, I got this “monetize” button next to my videos in the video manager, and if I click it I get a few options for what kind of ads I want to put on my video. I get 0,01$ USD (1 penny) every time someone CLICKS on one of the ads. I do not get money per view, so if the invitation is the same kind then you won’t get money per view either. Also I don’t get to choose a thumbnail (except for the “choose one of those 3” system). The main point is, I can’t put ads on gaming videos. When I try to monetize a video, it is sent to youtube for approval and I must own all rights to all content (video and audio) in the uploaded file, or tey won’t allow monetization. I still don’t understand why machinima can monetize theirs, but you’d probably not even be able to monetize the sourceruns speedruns.

The choice is ultimately to the guy who would get the money (I’m not sure but I think it’s CooL or maybe Cameron who runs the website) but I would suggest not doing it, it was not worth it and even less if you want to use it on a channel with only gaming videos. Again some stuff may be different from what I got, if the invitation received is not the same, I’m just sharing my experience of youtube’s monetization system.