Youtube: The server has returned an invalid response


Not sure if this should go in general, off-topic or technical support, so please move it if It doesn’t belong here.

Lately, youtube has not worked for me at all. Some of you may have noticed, I am part of the replay experience experiment ( and I uploaded mostly videos about this project since the beginning of the summer. Since Gonarch’s Lair, youtube stopped accepting my videos. I managed to upload Nihilanth at a friend’s house, with his computer.

At random part of the upload, it just crashes and says “The server has returned an invalid responses, please Follow these steps and try again” there is a link on “follow these steps” that brings me to the network/troubleshooting tips of youtube, that only tells me to use up-to-date browsers and plugins, o upload supported file type, and everything.

That is not helping at all. I tried my vids in many file types, it never changed anything. I found the same problem on many forums, but nobody had a solution. I’m asking here if any of you know a solution, or experienced the problem in the past. It obviously works for most people since I didn’t notice any drop in popular channel’s uploading.


What browser are you using?


I will guess this meant using

I am using Rockmelt, but after many failed tries with different file types, I also tries other browsers. I tried Chrome, Firefox, Explorer and Safari. I am considering trying Opera too, but it probably won’t work.


Remove cookies, browsing history, whatever there is to remove?


I don’t even need to try this, because after uploading the nihilanth chapter at a friend’s house, I bought a new computer. A performance gaming pc (needless to say it’s awesome :D) and had to reinstall pretty much everything. I didn’t sync anything from my browsers, and the first thing I tried after downloading rockmelt was the upload and it didn’t work, then I tried with the other browsers and configured my stuff as I like it, but I know it’s not my browser config since I had made no major changes after gonarch’s lair, but even with vanilla browsers it didnt work.

Also the uploading doesn’t work on any other computer in my house, and doesn’t work when i bring my laptop at a friend’s house. it works fine when uploading the file from a friend’s computer at his house.


Youtube seems to be sick and tired of your videos.


Shutdown and restart your modem/whatever you use to gain internet.

Reset IP.

Create new YT account and see if that works.


I really hope you’re sarcastic D:

I’ll try those and tell you what the result is, thx for trying to help me :smiley:


It’s working with another youtube account, but resetting IP didn’t make any difference.
Now I found a way to make it work tough, it has something to do with the size of the vid. if I use the multiple uploads function to start a new upload with the same file a few minutes after i started the first one, then close the first tab and it will continue where I left off. I do that every 5 minutes and it’s working. It’s a lot of work tough.


I’m clueless now, sorry, can’t help you any further. At least you found a workaround but I understand that’s not really desirable.


well, thx a lot for trying, I’ll just stick with that until youtube makes an update that corrects that for me, or when I’ll find a more desirable workaround


I wouldn’t count on it…


Well, I didn’t say an update just for me, just that when it will update something, I hope that’s gonna correct it :smiley:


Still wouldn’t count on it…

Youtube has been known to break more stuff than fix when they would update something.


it’s pretty much my only hope because I dont wanna go thru this process everytime i upload xD. Also I noticed when I upload this way my subscribers don’t get an email.