I’m TaylorTot and I suck at Half Life


You’re probably better than I am. I don’t think I’ve ever legitimately finished the game.


Welcome to the forums TaylorTot, I’m D4rw1N and I suck at Half-Life too.


I’m okay at it.


What are you talking about, you’re great at Half Life Two


Hence why I left the number 2 out of “Half-Life”. ;D


Nah that was just a really a bad pun 8)


Nope, that was actually just me being really stupid… I’m SourceRun’s own pun master and I missed it! :-[


when has this discussion ever come up


Right now. D4rw1N is SourceRuns pun master.

Or was. I think he was just replaced.


I assigned that position to myself, ain’t nobody tell me wat I can or can’t dooo!