Year Long Alarm in 1:27


This is a really nice mod actually, too bad it’s only 2 maps.


Hey I’ve played this mod! Nice route :slight_smile:


Execution could have been a bit better, but the routes were really cool and I was still thoroughly enjoying the run!

Well done!

P.S. Oh and some more info about the run would be nice, amount of segments etc.


It was done in 9 segments. Reaching the level change trigger by the elevator was the biggest challenge routing wise, especially going from the elevator up to the trigger since wall climbing was not possible due to the elevator interrupting the ~grab path~ or whatever you call it and just doing a damage boost didn’t quite get you all the way.

The second big thing was the launch onto the bridge, I kept trying to chip off the rocks in different ways (there’s a super sexy plank by them that gives you a huge stuck-launch 9 out of 10 times but it doesn’t launch you into any kind of slope so it was useless :-\ ) but the fallen tree ended up being the best ramp.


Should be called “Gordon Gets up to Turn Off His Alarm Clock”, if his alarm clock were combine. Excellent run!