Wtf captcha


Does the captcha even work?

I haven’t tested it but it feels like bots are just typing anything in and getting accounts. >:(


I just set it on the strictest form just now, it’s at 497 members, I’m going to have to do a mass account deletion soon.


It does work (I just tried registering and entered incorrect/or nothing)


These bots are getting too smart. :’(


10 new bots. Anyway you can make a custom question required for registration?




what is this forum about?
what is the color of the Sourceruns text (not the white one)?


Complete the word So___eRuns


Identify this formula.




That’s not a formula.




Write an essay about SourceRuns in which you tell what SourceRuns is, why you want to register and how SourceRuns affects your gameplay in Source games.

but seriously, having specialized questions helps, though some bots still get through it. The first question quadrazid mentioned is a good one. The second one unfortunately is not, because of color vision deficiency.


Just write “plz no bots 10x” above register button.