''WONAuth.dll missing''


so yeah, i try to download an older version of half-life 1 when i try to play the game its says that WONauth.dll missing, where can i get it?


I’m assuming your going for the WON version seeing as your missing WONAuth.dll. Try one of the WON versions from here - http://wiki.sourceruns.org/wiki/Game_versions

If that still doesn’t work then go for NGHL


Downloaded, still the same


Then do what I previously said, go for NGHL. Its a lot better in the long run and allows you to raise the FPS cap higher than 100 FPS.


…or just google for the DLL file.


shush, that would be easy. Besides its not a good practice to download dlls from sites.


you need to update to then downgrade to fix the problem if i remember correctly