Wierd automatic pistol in Our Benefactors

at 89:30 in the video, Maximus pulls out this wierd-looking gun out of nowhere and uses it to kill a few combine. It’s on the left side of his screen, sounds like the 9mm, has 30 shots, and is automatic. Anyone know what it is? And how he got it? I didn’t see this in the questions guide.

its alyx’ gun. Remember seeing her pop up at the start of a level a few mins back? She gets slaughtered by a gunship or something and gordy goes back and picks it up while listening to barney’s speech before taking the nexus.

Its the same gun that HL2: CTF has :slight_smile:

I made a video of Alyx being slaughtered and posted it here.Unfortunately, Gordon was way up on the 2nd floor of the building, while Alyx was outside on the steps. The way I understand it, the engine doesn’t render characters out of Gordon’s line of site, so she ends up looking like the invisible woman with blood spurting out of nowhere. When she dies, you can see the pistol appear on the ground where she would have been standing. If you watch the hl2dq movie at this point, you’ll see Gordon pick up the pistol when he runs outside. I had to watch the demo in slow motion several times until I finally saw the point where he grabs it.Sorry about the poor quality, I was in a hurry.

Don’t apologize for quality, apologize for Real Player. >=(I looked through the parts where Barney makes speeches at the nexus…I didn’t see Alyx at all. I’m just going to download real player and watch that…EDIT: OK, I see it. He picks it up aat 82:43. I just thought it would have some sort of icon, other than an ammo sign.