Which box cover do you have

I realize this really has nothing to do with anything, but I was just wondering which box(es) you guys got. Mine is the one with the G-Man… I suppose he is number twelve for those of you who still read the HL2 comic.

I preordered on Steam before it came out, thus no box :frowning:

I have the limited edition one with Gabe’s face on it - very hard to find nowadays.

I’ve got the Collectors Edition (aka. “the cookie box”)So I’ve got the t-shirt and HL1:source (not that good stuff but still :stuck_out_tongue: )

I have dvd-box with Gordon face on it and 5 cd inside AKA “bronze edition”

just got the normal box with freeman on it

that was me :)forgot to log in

You forgot to log in twice. ;)I only have the Steam version.

I use one of my friends steam logins that he doesnt use anymore.

I got the cookie box edition as well because the money hungry game industry doesn’t want to ship nice boxes for the customers. Instead they ship those gay and cheap DVD boxes with 2 or 3 cds/dvds in one holder or however you call it. I guess Dark Devil got one of these crappy dvd box versions as well - except you/he imported it (only the dvd box crap and collectors edition were or are available in Germany).pets old hl1 boxes

I’ve normal DVD bow with freeman cause there is only this in France :stuck_out_tongue:

i have hl2 game of the year edition