Where do you think this portal goes?


I never really thought about the portal in HL2 much, because I just thought of it as a reason for breen to escape, because that’s what most bad guys in games do in games/movies.

Looking into it reveals several Combine themed towers (dark dirty metal with blue lights and sharp parts) in a space like environment similar to that of Xen’s.

I think Breen has made use of portals and Xen and created some kind of personal civilization there
, that might be where that boyfriend advisor of his might live.

What do you think?


It’s a portal to the Combine world. Also it’s the only connection between Earth and the Combine.



If you read this I’m pretty sure it says somewhere about Breen attempting to escape through a portal to the Combine homeworld: http://members.shaw.ca/halflifestory/timeline.htm

You’ll also notice that when you’re chasing him you’ll hear him say to the advisor something like ‘A host body? You can’t be serious… oh well if that’s what it takes just get me out of here!’, meaning that he wouldn’t be able to survive in their atmosphere as a human, so he’d probably need to become like them.


That makes perfect sense, so the result of the portal at Black Mesa opening to Xen also allows the combine to get in, or would that be a different story?


Yes that’s correct.

The vortigaunts already had their planet destroyed/harvested by the Combine in another dimension, so they migrated to Xen (border world between their dimension and ours) to get away from them. When the portal was created at Black Mesa, they obviously saw this as a chance to get even further away from the Combine by moving into our dimension, but in this process the Combine noticed that a gateway had been opened and took the opportunity to invade Earth.


There is a ridiculous amount of back story to this series.


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