Where Did Kaito Kid Go


He hasn’t been posting at all during this month and he has 0hours played in the last two weeks on steam. Is he ok? :’(



xD I’m not dead…
I’m just playing a lot of warcraft 3 with my friends lately, so I don’t play a lot on steam.
as for posting, I didn’t post anything because I’m stuck in the 100%, and nobody asked any questions that I could answer, nor did I have any questions to ask… I’m still watching the boards tough, thx for caring :smiley:


I broke him by owning him on AG and SC2. :stuck_out_tongue:


Glad that you found a solution for Youtube, now you can upload videos without problems, right? :slight_smile:


Pineapple --> ._. that won’t stop me from gaming…

Frizzio --> Yeah actually it’s still not “normal” but I manage to upload them without big trouble.


Kaito --> Stops you from going on the forums :>


Why are bananas bent?

That way they return when you throw them away!


you owe me a banana


Happy 16th B-Day Kaito Kid


that video is also pretty cool :smiley: