Where can I get old builds of HL2 (Build 2187) without any viruses etc.?


I’m looking for an old build of HL2.
As you know, with the Orangebox Update in 2010, they’ve changed blood splashs too.
I don’t like them, I literally hate them.
Thats why I’m looking for an old build of HL2, I want to try to get the old blood textures again (I mean the blood when you shoot somebody, not the decals)

Does anyone know where I can get it without any viruses and stuff? So 100% safe?

And yes, I’m owning the original Half-Life 2 on Steam.

Best regards,

BitRain has it I told him to send it to you.

Thank you so much!

I hope my plan works and I can get the old blood particles out of the old build and replace the new ones.
The “new” particles kill all the nostalgia.

Edit: Or is it even possible to replace the whole HL2 with the old build and disable auto updates on steam, so I can play the old build on Steam?
That’d be even better.

The one he has is cracked.

Is it this one?
The Channelname is “BitRain” and there’s a mega.nz link in the description.

And I meant if its possible to replace the original version of HL2 with the one of mega.nz even if its cracked :stuck_out_tongue: like when its modded.


Just wanted to say, this crack is also working with Steam.
I had the original HL2 downloaded and I just deleted the files in my steam folder and replaced it with the cracked one. I can start and play it with Steam, no issues.

But you know, I’m just a bit afraid of using versions like that - I mean, there are no viruses or any other strange crap in this crack, right? And I won’t get vac banned because there are hidden cheats or something like that, yes? :smiley:

That was the intention.

You can’t get VAC banned for cheating in a singleplayer game, that applies pretty much everywhere as far as I know. There aren’t any viruses in it, the crack only removes the check for Steam being open so it just goes straight into launching the game without first checking if Steam is open or not. If it had any viruses in it an AV would probably pick it up as soon as it launches.

Singleplayer games usually don’t have anticheat and this mostl likely doesn’t have any viruses.

Alright guys, thank you!
But antoher question @BitRain.
How can I create my own cracks of my game?
Because I got my own original version of HL2 from 2004.
And when I try to install it from disc, it installs somehow but it doesn’t appear installed on Steam.
I just want to get access to the data on the disc, if thats possible somehow.

I hope my question is okay, I mean I own the game original on Steam and Retail both.

The version back than didn’t use steam and cracking is really complicated It would be easier if you joined the discord.

The disc should contain GFCs you can extract with GCFscape, extract all those to one place and you just have to experiment with different cracks and dlls from 2004 to get it working, I can’t remember what combination I used though.

Alright, but I don’t think I’m good enough in this stuff to get it working :confused: I tried it, but its not starting.

But I have a question to your crack, when I played it the hev suit bar was always visible in red, like it was empty. But it was not.

Is there a way to fix it?

A bit late but can someone pls make a Mediafire link?
I hate MEGA so much