Where can I find jump/kz maps for download? PC is running XP with no net access

I’ve been playing a whole heap of HL1 + mods on my XP rig (p4 + geforce4 mx 440) and I have recently started using Xash3d-fwgs rather than my WON install. I’ve been able to get a speedometer with cl_showpos and after checkign this site i got Rofi’s dlls which are flipping amazing as BunnymodXT and AG do not work under XP.

I’m trying to improve my bhopping and general goldsrc movement however I’m having difficulty finding jump maps/kz maps. Not being able to use AG to download maps from servers makes it very difficult. I have managed to get a handful of maps (6 maps total) like ztricks but I know there are heaps more out there.

I’m looking for more noob friendly maps, stuff like giantbean and gigablock for cs. I’m not terrible at movement but I’m not good enough to be able to do runs of most of the maps I’ve found.

I’ve checked rstl, gamebanana and moddb by searching for “kz” and “jump” but came up short. I checked sourceruns and found quite a few maps referenced but no actual download links

Any help would be hugely appreciated!

Surprising that AG doesn’t work under XP; have you tried https://openag.pro/ ?

Anyway, for maps there’s an HLKZ map pack with 701 maps here, compiled by naz: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QLe4syfvuq2pD2KGf4_xtNai38hcw35l/view

If you want leaderboards you can look at: https://hlkz.sourceruns.org. There’s an hlkreedz amx plugin at GitHub - YaLTeR/hlkreedz at unstable. You also might want to install the mpbhop amx plugin so that platforms don’t move when you jump on them.

For further discussion I recommend that you come to SourceRuns discord and talk in the #hlkreedz channel. Link: SourceRuns Team

Dude, fk yes, tyvm for that map pack!

Yeah, I have tried both the ‘latest version’ and ‘full mod package’ from openag.pro and neither work.

With the DLL both xash and Won crash to desktop on launch “can’t initilaze client.dll: The specified procedure could not be found.” When using the full mod install it also just crashes immediately/doesn’t launch.

It’s a pain in the butt but I’m not planning on competitive running, I just wanna see my ups when playing through the 1000s of maps and mods that are out there. I’m actually building a geocities-era site via notepad where I’ll put my reviews of maps/mods, screenshots, downloads etc Wont just be for HL, it’ll be all my old games.

Thanks again for that map pack and ultra thanks to naz for compiling it <3