When does EP3 come out?


Hello.Do anybody know when EP3 come out…?I`m having a tough time…waiting for EP3…


I’ve got no idea unfortunately.


I don’t suppose anyone is planning to keep working on Ep2?I played through it when it came out, but I haven’t done any running in quite some time.


Personally I haven’t even played Ep2, but I’m probably going to borrow a friends Steam-account soon and hopefully it will work on my PC. It would be fun if that “TAS-run” and a normal run would be made, but I have to try the game first and I don’t know when that will happen. Maybe this weekend, maybe next year.LightningX…nice to see such an legend in HL2DQ-history again.


Oh,LightningX & Dalelewill ,i see your IDs in 1:30:00 hldq,and can you help me with the script?(AHK)I used it in Portal,it jumps but no speed were gained.So does it need something set to get this script work?