What's your keyboard setup?


Just curious. Mine is very altered from the defaults.e/s/d/f = forward/L.strafe/back/R.strafe. I like having my fingers on home-row (i work in data entry and type a shitload, feels very natural for me.)a = duckw = last weapon usedq = flashlightv = usectrl = walkweapons on extra mouse buttons and numbers.I think that’s pretty much it, the rest are defaults. Just wondering if anyone has some really speed-friendly configs, I really like mine.


oh yeah. GO “EDSF”


I also use EDSF :)my config.http://www.hl2dq.net/uploads/1196332039/suga_cfg.zip


I think I’m the only one who uses defaults… I dunno, I just like being able to use the same settings on any computer I go to. I used to use a high sensitivity (~7 I believe), but I moved down to the default (3) over time, which helps with accuracy, even if at the cost of not being able to turn around REALLY quickly.Of course, that’s not as weird as one of my friends, who used the arrow keys playing FPSs. I kept trying to convince him that he kept having to reach really far to hit basic keys (like reload, which I think was set to PgDn or something).


I use WASD (defaults)…mouse speed is set to 12 (bigger is better :wink: )And only begginers use EDSF…yeah, right :lol:


For Half-Life 2: Deathmatch my config is like this…Typical WSAD movementTypical mouse 1 and mouse 2 fire and alt fireZoom mouse3Jump spaceCrouch ctrlSprint left shiftTalk tTeam Talk yReload rPrevious Weapon qAR2 ePistol cCrossbow fGravity Gun gFlash light bGuass z - Pro MOD.357 Magnum 2crowbar/stunstick 1Nade/RPG/SLAM 5Mouse sensativity = 6. I have a Microsoft keyboard and rat. Nothing special :DI only have the weapon binds for multiplayer.


And old clan mate of mine used esdf, and has mouse 2 set to jump. Something to do with him playing Quake in the old days aparently. His mouse sensativity was 2 I think :- Gordon


arrow keys pwn tbh


Yeah arrow keys roxx ;)I use mouse 2 and mouse wheel down to jump (mouse wheel to bh in other game :slight_smile: )


If you look, WSAD and EDSF arent alighned perfectly like the arrow keys are. Thats why lots of people prefer the arrow keys.I know my friend shits himself when games dont let him use his arrow keys.


i have wsad with capslock-jump shift-crouch alt-sprint q-last weapon e-use and mouse wheel-sprint jump


i use arrows for 2 games, wasd for the rest lol.


I used to use the arrow keys. Now I prefer the defaults with some modifications.


The first game where I used WASD was actually the game that I play the most these days: Half-Life 1…what a great game! :slight_smile:

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