What's up?


My name’s Gwen. But don’t start jerking off to my posts or something because I’m a) trans and b) 14.

I’m in to graphic design and video editing, loved valve games for a long time and interested in doing some stuff. Maybe portal OoB but I’m pretty far behind everyone else so there would be some serious catching up to do for me. Hey, maybe a mod or two? I don’t know.


Bit of a weird intro, but hey. Hope you can enjoy yourself here!


I try to be pretty on the surface and forward, hahaha. I’m not going to pretend like I am extremely normal and nice and sugary. I’m a totally open book.


yea but i gotta say nobody is gonna jerk off to anyones posts like wtf kind of introduction is that


ever heard of “over the top” humor or “dry”


lol what a post


well, welcome