What's this about a DVD?

Good question. I remember somebody was doing that, but a forget who. It was quite a while ago.

I’ve been thinking about it every once in a while, too.DemonStrate was talking about making it, but I guess the production was “cancelled” or forgotten because the board activity decreased much after the project was completed and the video released.

Basically, I still have all the files for it. It would just take a long time to encode, but i have a whole new system, so it wouldnt take too long to do. I also have do set chapter points and things after that and just do a bunch of other stuff. There was also some commentary files that i kept recieving to put on there, so I would have to figure out how to go about doing that. This semester is almost over, so I guess I could get around to finishing it at some point… but no one really seemed to care, so I didnt care, so it didnt get done. Sorry for the huge run on sentences. Its really early where I live.

Personally, I think it would be a great collection piece to have a DVD of the project on the shelf. Although you can watch the main video on the computer in better quality and a little higher resolution, it is very different when you watch it lying on the sofa. Also, I think a new release would raise some interest once again, as these forums have become very quiet.I don’t have a DVD player at the moment (other than the DVD-ROM drive) here, so there is no need to rush anything in my humble opinion. I was anticipating the release when it was being discussed over, but everybody (including me) just had their minds blown away by the release of the speed run video and couldn’t ask for more.

Is anybody up for doing HL2 again? There is a new sprint bug in the game. Surely there are some quicker routes or different tricks.

Hmm, new sprint bug? Where could i find info on that? Also, i think we can find a way to get OoB in certain areas with the rock wall acute angle glitch. The walls seem a bit more ‘solid’ than in some other source games, but i think brute force and patience can win the day. I dont know how interested people are to run this again, but new developments in glitches are always nice to hear. :slight_smile:

Yeah, what is that new sprint bug?Possibly the “acute angle glitch” could give some new shortcuts, I don’t know though. I was thinking of running HL2 some more a while ago - but my computer really sucks now (I hate it :frowning: ). The HL2 run will probably be marked “scripted” in the future, that means that a non-scripted run could be made still.

Whoops, I meant crouch trick.Basically you can go through vents etc at full sprint speed, just as if you were standing and sprinting.How I do it (it is the smoothest way) is do the current crouch sprinting about 1m away from the vent, then just before I enter the vent I release crouch, but still hold sprint.It’s very easy once you’ve got the hang of it.

I’m pretty sure the acute angle thinger works in HL2 because it is used in the tricks and outtakes video when falling through the logs on that semi truck thing (the section with the sniper guy shooting at you) and also again to fall out of the map in the ant lion cave just before the beach with the long flight up to that pipe thing (just before the beach before nova prospect).Or maybe I’m dumb and that is something else :PAnyway, there might also be a couple seconds saved near the beginning of the run while running across the rooftops before meeting alyx. I was thinking instead of using the paint can to fly out to the telephone lines like is done in the run, maybe one of those soda cans could be used to wall climb onto the roof and you could make a straight shot for the window.

Great, you could advertise it along with the newly released ‘War of the Servers’. Although, I downloaded WotS and… was rather disappointed by the capabilities of the director. It could’ve been a lot better. Send the idea out to some people like Garry from Garry’s Mod or some managers of big HL2 websites you can find at the bottom of the HL2 Wikipedia article where the links are. That’s my two cents, hope it helps! Like what you guys did with the game! Now, I must figure out how this AutoHotkey works.