What would you consider a "Garry's Mod Speedrun"?

I was wondering recently what a speedrun of Garry’s Mod would be. I was thinking of trying to get from one corner to the other in gm_construct but that took 3 seconds. Perhaps, how fast you can do a lap around construct?

Noclip isn’t cheat-protected in gmod, so what’s the point?

Well you could do an ABH-only run of a larger map I guess, but then there’s no reason to use specifically Garry’s Mod. Having said that I do occasionally just ABH and physgun-launch across maps when I’m bored or whatever, but it gets dull after a while.

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Do an ABH freesytle through all the corridors and buildings in gm_construct, launch off some slopes and end it off at the top of one of the towers, or set up an elaborate set of props to stucklaunch/launch off, something like that I’d watch all day.

Kinda like this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zOKnGD87i2E

Based Takyons editing. Based Takyons TASing. Based Takyons music choice.

But yeah something like this. Set up your own stage. Or use some stages from the Mini workshop in game. I could think of some really cool stages, but I hate building in garry’s mod. its too finicky.

There’s also the Bhop/Surf scene. The Bhop scene I know for a fact is a bunch of meme lord shitheads, but if you manage to ignore them its alright. Not sure about the surf scene.

There are also deathrun maps, the deathrun gamemode has its own movement override which feels close to HL1 movement.

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Right now I have just been spending my time trying to speedrun Riding Shotgun. I can’t seem to get the direction right since I can’t see anything.

A speedrun through gm_forkbr_snow would work bc its a long map, from the parking lot by the massive radio towers to the blocked-off tunnel in the town on the other side of the map

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