What other games have you/are you speed running?


I was just wondering what, if any, games everybody else is speed running at the moment…For now I’m basically just focusing on GBA games since I can emulate them… Too bad Speed Demo Archive doesnt except emulated games (Fucking bastards…)I was thinking about doing a Super Robot Taisen OG or OG2 speed run… The problem with that game is that the text scrolls INSTANTLY when you press the “A” button. So the faster your button mashing the quicker your time. I could alwas use autofire but that would be cheap…


I was doing Kingpin: Life of Crime, but kinda stopped that. Right now I have my routes and everything for a hl2 mod called Rock 24. I just cbf doing it.


I tried Warrior Within and The Two Thrones (both Prince of Persia games, but I have them on console, not PC), but only messing around with certain sections — not completely seriously. I’ve found a few nifty ways of cutting time from curtain slides (where the Prince sticks his sword in a curtain and slides down it to act as a brake for his fall). In the same way that the Half– Life engine treats ladders as a ‘safe’ area (you can land on it from the highest level and take no damage), the PoP game engine treats any instance of the Prince touching a curtain as the equivalent of a full slide. So I’ve leapt off otherwise fatal heights, hit a curtain at the very bottom and thereby survived. Saves 4–5+ seconds of wallrun + curtain slide.EDIT: Wow, I’ve just watched a very neat T2T speedrun on SDA and the guy pulls off some excellent leaps, but doesn’t do the curtain slide trick! May suggest that to him, or have a crack at a speedrun on this game myself. It’ll take a fair bit of practice though. There go my weekends… :smiley:




While many of you guys were working on phase 2 I was playing super mario world a lot and made a no powerup run. The run is on Archive and google video. There is a topic at sda. That should link to where the video was first linked to. No plans to submit this version. I also just recently finished a TAS of super demo world found on tasvideos.

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