What is this?


I’ve honestly never seen this trick before. Seems pretty useless. Anyone want to clear this up for me? This demo is for HL2.



Anyone :expressionless:


Christ… Did he really mean to do that or was he just trying to get up that cliff. If it’s replicable then we may just have grounds to rerun Half Life 2.

Anyway I’ve managed to achieve similar results to what is shown here however on a much smaller scale. Mostly with orb boosting. For some reason if I do it somewhere with a low ceiling and do a regular orb boost then I will hug the ceiling for a short amount of time before dropping back down. I have a feeling that, that is what is being displayed here however on a much, much greater scale.


I don’t really know what happened, but it seems like the speed of the boost somehow made him get stuck in the clip-box or whatever it’s called. Do you know who’s demo it is? Maybe the player has an idea on it?

But I doubt that “trick” would be used in a run.

I remember that there was a demo where MaximusX (I think) gets a huge boost with the airboat and exits the boat just as he hits the clip-box at the top and therefore gets pushed into it as well. This “sda-demo” might be a similar thing. Maybe? I dunno… :stuck_out_tongue:


I did it, I discovered it when I was practicing for my HL2 ss speedrun, I was trying to get up on the cliff, and when the box broke from under me, it sent me flying. This glitch is extremely weird, once you hit the “sky-box” you can’t get down, you descend slowly, but when you hit the ground, everything gets reset. It’s the weirdest damn glitch I’ve ever seen in a game other than SPD.

I have 2 other demos, but they are pretty annoying, the first one I was rly excited when I was able to capture a demo of it, and you know what that looks like, you get start emptying your clips into the air, and the 2nd one is pretty long.

The only reason it got named “sda” was because I hit random keys on my keyboard.

Here’s 2 videos, I guess when you land on it and it breaks, it sends you flying.


I vote on coming up with a name for this trick :smiley:


BREAK LAUNCH! It probably only works on objects you can break.


I’ll be doing a little more investigating on this trick, this could be a way to pass the part in the canals level where you need the airboat! ;D


Didn’t they patch all source games that were in the orange box so that you couldn’t move if you went outside the skybox? :-.

Might need an older version.




Well at any rate you would still need to bring the airboat all the way to that map so it probably wouldn’t be worth going OOB since Maximus’ strategy is probably faster.