What I'd love to see...

I loved the video, well done to everyone who made it… But what I’d really love to see is the fastest completion of Half-Life 2 featuring the killing of all enemies! I think that would be a really entertaining display of ingenuity and skill and accuracy. Anyone know where I could see that, or is anyone willing to do one or two levels and make a video of themselves wasting all the bad guys quick?

Eh. We should really do a dq with all enemys killed. Like one of the MANY quake 1 speed runs :slight_smile:

yeah kill all the antlions :unsure:

what about using only crawbar and gravitygun? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thing about quake was it was shorter than this so sub-class runs were possible. If we start changing stuff around it’s going to be well into several hours long.

Spent about 10 hours in antlions killing, but they come and come !!What I do wrong ?It is a joke =)))

How about specific levels, like Ravenholm or Nova Prospekt, done quick with all enemies killed? Those two levels would definitely be worth watching!