What Happened?!?!


Directed mainly toward Imanex, but others can feel free to respond if they know the answer. What the hell happened to Portal Done Por (Predominately Overly Ridiculous)? (7:54:83 being the final time of that OoB run, for those that didn’t know) It’s been removed from Imanex’s channel.


Copyright stuff, I guess. Particularly, the music in the end.


Oh, Youtube’s dumb Content ID match thing. That’s a shame. I never got to see it. :frowning: Anywhere I can download it?


Links in this document




Hello! Sorry if I’m hijacking this thread, but I just have a quick question and didn’t think it was worth making a brand new thread for what is hopefully a straightforward, on-topic question. :smiley:

Anyway, I watched this run probably about 4 times now and I’m still blown away by its awesomeness, but there’s one really silly, probably trivial thing that’s been bugging me so much that I just had to create an account to ask about it. :wink:

Why does that low-pitched voice keep playing all the way through the credits? Is it a save / load glitch or is there some trigger not being hit, or is there some other obscure factor that was either intentionally or accidentally changed at the very end? It seems that right at transition to the last segment, there’s a loud-ish sound and then that low voice sound starts, then never stops until the video ends. So I’m guessing it’s a save thing, but was it on purpose, or a coincidence, or… or what? :stuck_out_tongue:

If anyone could provide any insight, that would be great! ;D

Thanks in advance.


We’re not sure ourselves why this bug occured, it’s just how it was in the demo.


Ah OK, thanks for the quick reply! :slight_smile: I guess it’s kind of like how G-Man bugs out in DWAhMoV? Just Source Engine being its silly old self ::slight_smile: I suppose it’s pretty funny to have the ending completely messed up anyway, so oh well.