what happened to the 1st demo?


i was going to start making my own movie out of the demos the other day, and noticed that the g-man speech was missing from the first demo. Then i remembered that some guy came up with the idea of recording a demo of the g-man speech, and then saving immediately after, so that we wouldnt have to go through that every time.anyway i didnt know where to get the original 1st demo, so i created my own, and noticed that when you try to synch it up with P2_d1_trainstation_01_lonerville_2m40s.dem it dosent quite match up, and also in the demo i recorded there is garbage all over the floor of the train, but not in lonerville’s demo. i tried many times to get a demo that would match, but to no avail :/so does anybody happen to have the 1st demo of the g-man speech?


don’t care about it =)i’ve captured all current demos to avi and there are very many non-synced places


maby a quick “fade to black” and “fade in” between each level would be cool then.



really, there isn’t necessary to fade


Ok =)Well, it will be interesting to see the level transitions later on. I guess it will be good even if its a bit unsynced.


You can add some flashes there… to make the action more action :smiley: .P.S. i-am-still-here :stuck_out_tongue: .


first off, i just want to say muchos thankos to those who were able to keep this project rolling after matthias and myself abandoned it after starting it nearly a year ago!!!anywho, who’s in charge of making the final movie now?i’d sure like to help out if it’s ok with you guys, seeing as i did technically start this whole ordeal! :)as for the fade to black, i think it’d be awesome if it was done in the ‘synched to music, not accurate time scale’ movie if we’re still planning on doing one of those… each fade could be right on beat or even a song transition… i think it’s be awesomei’m all for still having two final video releases… one no-nonsense, accurate time version, and one hyped-up, non-accurate time, but sick synched music and video highlites! :slight_smile:


We have a couple options for who’s going to make the final run, but we’ll get to that when it comes. If I’m still around by the time this thing is finished, I could probably talk my roommate into getting it all together (he told me before he’d be willing), and he even said he was OK with making a nice little DVD title menu with cool scenes from the vid playing in the background. We also have plenty of tricks and out-takes to add to a blooper section, making it even more DVD like. If I’m NOT around when it’s finished, his AIM name is zombikopia, so you can explain who you are and see if he’s willing to help out.We could also try jrb or someone similar that was going to work on it before. As for the time-synch + music and stuff, well first you’d have to find someone willing to put that much work into a seperate version of a gig sized movie! I think it would be tough work, but if you can find someone willing than thats awesome.As for helping out with the project, I’m sure people won’t mind to see you back in action. We have been working more like a democracy, with helpful people like Samppa and b5k to register sites and host webspace, and get the site going, and o40 to urge things along. Stuff like that. I’ll end the rant now, welcome back!


yeah, welcome back Tamale.


Welcome Tamale!All help with running and technical stuff is greatly appreciated. We still haven’t found out how to capture video “perfectly” (smoothly without those buggy ticks that bunny hopping causes).


what about the solution Valve gave? that doesn’t work?


It helps a bit, but it’s not nearly smooth. I don’t think a console command can fix buggy ticks. In fact, I’m afraid there is no easy solution for it.


yeah, welcome back to the project Tamale!and Samppa, I thought the console command did fix it enough…isn’t it fine?


I hope someone more used to the Source demo Smoother will correct me if I’m wrong… But from what I remember is when you watch the tick path in the Smoother, you can see one tick per each bunny hop is considerably higher than the ones next to it. This suggests there is a bug with demo recording and yet another engine update is required. However, I hope the engine won’t be updated, because when it was last updated, every demo recorded with the old version became obsolete.



wb :slight_smile:


Suga make an account here and post more often! :PAnd fix your computer!!


i think if we simply make the final video using valve’s fix it will be more than good enough for most viewers.i know it’s not quite as perfect as we’d like to see, but it sure shouldn’t be an excuse for us to not work on this any faster :)speaking of which, are you guys still using some kinda auto-trigger pressing scripty dealios to make the bunny hopping smoother?just curious so i can jump in and try to help myself


QUOTE (Tamale)speaking of which, are you guys still using some kinda auto-trigger pressing scripty dealios to make the bunny hopping smoother?just curious so i can jump in and try to help myselfCheck this thread, there is the homepage and some scripts!http://s7.invisionfree.com/HL2DQ_Temp_Foru…php?showtopic=5