What Happened to HL2DQ.TK?


Hey guys, What ever happened to the old HL2DQ site? And who is this new Samppa guy?Aswell, on one of the citedel maps, if we cannot do the boost jump, we should do an orb jump. I have a few demos showing it.Thanks,- Gordon


The site went down for some reason. Not 100% sure, but samppa is the guy who registered this free site. Site is practically being run by me now. I’ll be hosting the demos on my private webspace so you best all respect me :stuck_out_tongue:


Fortunately Max]I[muS-X had all the demos so far, so the project can go on…We haven’t been able to contact each staff member yet. Especially Tamale, the founder of this project, has disappeared completely. DaleLewill informed that this project is “dead”. I hope he is a pessimist.And I’ve no other aliases that you could know. :)By the way, congratulations for the first topic not started by me :smiley:


Okay, sounds good so far. I will be more with this project, because school holidays start in three days. Another question: Where did you come from, because I have never heard of you before. You wern’t at the old HL2DQ. And, how will you contribute to the speed runs? Are you a runner yourself or just hosting the site for us? :unsure: Thanks,- Gordon


I was there since the site was posted in SDA forums but I didn’t post in the level/trick threads, because I have an old computer and can hardly run HL2…Anyway, I started practicing a few days ago, let’s see if I can do any good. :wink:


lol pincus. cross examination. we r lucky he was good enough to get this site up and running :smiley: . so you gonna start running again then pincus? Because at the moment its just me, b5k, nVa, Samppa and Max abit :frowning:



Nice to have u back. And im really looking forward to seeing what you can do in City 17 :stuck_out_tongue: .idle in #hl2dq on Quakenet when you can.


this is really sad. wtf happened? :/does anyone still have LightningX’s tips for each map? or the various tutorials on the old site? they should be reposted here in case someone needs them.



I’m not a runner myself, but I was watching the project closely until school took me away. After the term ended I was looking for the old site, and after realizing it wasn’t there scoured the internet to figure out what had happened. It seemed like HL2DQ was a busy place. It took me 2 days and nearly six hours of searching to find this spot. You should at least point out in more forums where you guys went. :smiley: Glad to see you’re still alive. (if not exactly kickin)


hi, found this site on SDA forum. gj Samppa and Max and anyone still running hl2dq.I’ve been worried that this project has been completely closed.as for me, I still can’t fix my main PC up so best thing I can do right now is sitting here and watching you guys go on.good luck guys anyway. I wish I can watch your fantastic works on the movie some day in the future :slight_smile:


I’ve got a Half-Life 2: Deathmatch clan match next week, so I will start running in around 10 days.- Gordon


I hope you guys really get this stuff done real soon, now that it’s summer holidays there shouldn’t be any excuses.I really thought HL2DQ was dead or forgotten, since I couldn’t find the site on search and people didn’t say much on it.Glad you guys are back, hopefully we can have a fun time and the full speedrun done.


To be honest, I’ve less free time now that I’m working. :wacko:


Good to see so many people responding! Nice to know we actually have people besides the runners interested.By the way, nice to see an “old school” hl2 runner show his face again. Welcome to the new forums suga, you can thank Samppa and Bandit5k for em.


Hello everybody !Glad to see that the project isn’t dead and very happy to rejoin you now.I am wondering if HL2DQ is really going to be finished.Can you tell me if it will be completed or not ?Thanks and cya :wink:


I think you asked this on IRC earlier, at least someone did. And yes, it will very likely be finished one day.By the way, I added “.TK” in the topic title. :rolleyes:


QUOTE I think you asked this on IRC earlier, at least someone didYes, it was me, but I had to leave before you could answer :stuck_out_tongue: Well, I hope the project will be near to the end, at the end of the holidays :slight_smile:


This year or the next? :smiley: It’s taken and it’ll probably take from one to two weeks per map, because many people are on holidays.