What does constitute "Scriptless"?


Hello SR members, thank you for the great work you’re doing. I’m new to speedrunning, hence this beginner question you can see in the title. While reading rules for different categories (scripted, non-scripted etc.) on speedrun.com, I remembered scriptless runners using bound commands to lower / raise the fps. I may be confusing the terms “script” and “console command”, so I want to clarify: how exactly are they different? Also, which other commands (besides those related to fps management) are allowed in scriptless runs?


I know you already got an answer on Discord but I’m going to write up an answer anyway, for the next person to come along asking.

Scriptless is essentially only one command bound to each key. The allowed commands vary by game and engine.

For Half-Life these are the allowed commands:

For Half-Life 2, any command accessible through only the console (i.e. there’s no option for binding it in the keyboard settings) is not allowed, with the exception of:


Additionally, r_portalsopenall is allowed on New Engine, but not Old Engine. Do check the category rules on speedrun.com in the future, as these may change.