what are your guys rigs

hi im just curious i love to see what other people have in there machinebtw what did you guys use to record the demos -2- movie files and get it at like 60 fps can you please tell me the name please i tried it on me own machine using fraps and it dont work i just get like 10-15 fps

Don’t use frapsIt’s cmd host_framerate 30, then startmovieAnd u will got 30fps-movie at any computer configuration

startmovie outputs a sequence of .tga (image) files and a .wav file. You need to string these images together into a movie with a program like Virtualdubmod. Be sure to add the sound and change the frame rate to 30 (or whatever you captured at).And remember that you can only use the startmovie command when you’re playing a demo.

If you want really good quality you can capture at 100fps or more and “resample” the movie to 30fps with some nice filters. The filter will “blur” the transitions between the frames so it will look a bit smoother.At least its the way I understood it. Here is some good information from the shaolin guys:http://www.shaolinproductions.org/index.ph…id=36&Itemid=16

ok i got it working so lets be getting back on topic please

AMD 64 3200+2x512 RAMRadeon 9800 Pro 128mb with Artic Colling Fan19 inch flatscreen CRTMicrosoft mouse+keyboardI run the game at 1280x1024 at medium.

Intel P4 2.8@3.2Ghz512Mb RAMRadeon 960019" flatscreen CRT (syncmaster 957mb)Keytronic KeyboardRazer Copperhead mouseI run the game at the lowest settings possible (I think).

Athlon 64 3700+2x512MBGalaxy GeForce 6800 GT@370/1000Sharkoon KeyboardLogitech MX 518I run at 1024x768 at High AAx8/AFx16For rcording i turn it down to medium

AMD 3700+1Gb Corsairradeon X800 XTlogitech mx518summit like that…

AMD 3000+ (Overclocked)ATi 9800XT (Overclocked)Corsair XMS 1gb (Overclocked)ABit NF7-Sv2.0 (Overclocked)Logitech MX700 (Overclocked)500gb in 3HDD’s (Not Overclocked!)^^

My BIOS. <3

P4 2.8GhzPowercolor ATI Radeon 9800pro 128mb (Cooler fell off! Overheated but not overclocked)TwinMos 2x512mb DDR400 RAM (cheap stuff…)Logitech MX500Fujitsu/Siemens keyboard (hey, it works!)Sound Blaster X-Fi PlatinumCreative Z5500 Speakers (5.1)150GB HDD (pretty much entirely full or movies/games :frowning: )I want a better PC…

Intel P4 3.0 ghzATi X850xt pe1g ramSound Blaster Audigy LS1x120gb, 1x180gb, 2x230gb hdd :blink: