What are the best props to get stuck in for getting out of bounds?


Working on a run that is easy to get oob but to get back in bounds would require getting stuck in a prop and save-loading down and through the invisible walls.

Are there any recommended props that are most likely to get me to my destination?


If you’re actually out of bounds you can just crouch and save/load to go down.


How would you bring a prop Out of Bounds anyway?


You wish upon a star


What I’m trying to do is ABH over a tall clip brush and get to the other side of it, then grab a barrel (circled in red) and possibly try to clip through that, all in order to skip a tedious battery puzzle.

save-loading doesn’t seem to work.

Apparently there are two types of OoB, I was not aware of this.


I’ve personally never got stuck on a barrel but I recall Margen saying that he’s done it. Pallets are pretty good and they’re a pretty common prop. I can take a look at it if you say what mod/map it is.


The mod is “Silent Escape” and it’s about half way through “silent_escape_map_02”, there is a palette board near by that I can use, thanks for help!