What about your team make record on lost coast?


Hi,I thought it would be nice if you make the record on Half-Life² Lost Coast.Your team have the worlds best half life speedrunners why should it not work?I know a record on lost coast is a time like 40 seconds. :PBut this would complete your Half-Life² record collection. :Pgr33tzsry4badenglish!


Yeah we did, to some extent. It’s only one level, and a few of us posted demos which did it in < 50 seconds.Why bother? It’s a boring route. It’s fun to find the route, but pretty boring to execute it… Fly upwards with a peice of boat. :expressionless:


World record is 46seconds, demo of it originally was posted by aL1baBa at this forum, so it could be count as HL2DQ team’s record=).It is also listed at SDA’s HL1&2 runs herehttp://speeddemosarchive.com/yabb/YaBB.pl?..;num=1148752599

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