What a portal TSA would look like and some questions


I made this in like an hour

also how do you segment in portal? as you can see in the video there are a lot of skipped frames
anyone know the proper way to segment? (or maybe its my editing(?))


These are my scripting tests, just kind of on the topic.

You segment using the save alias:
alias s4v3 “save mysave;echo #SAVE#;wait 100;stop;toggleconsole”
by binding this to some button. Low timescales might need even more waits because Source is a good engine.

You can also load with the load binds which work in conjunction with spt’s pausing:
alias l04d “sensitivity 0;load save-to-load”
alias unp4us3 “sensitivity 1;unpause”
alias r3c0rd “record segment”

How you use them: you set y_spt_pause to 1, then bind those to some buttons. Press the l04d button and then quickly the r3c0rd one, then when spt pauses the game you press the unp4us3 button and do the segment.


Thanks YaLTeR,
I messed around with the script to make it less maintenance to do


also YaLTeR, how do you remove the text box and that weird fade in? (IDK if you can remove the fade in but I know you can remove the textbox)


Text box = grab resource\UI\BaseChat.res from hl2, put it into portal and replace every x / y coordinate inside with some huge value like 10000.

Fade in = disable HDR or video editor.


(The videos are gone from youtube but I added download links if anyone really wants to watch them)

I’ve been messing around with timescale and I made some runs with it, didn’t spend too much time on them but they were fun to do.

Ch17 challenge mode 22 seconds:

Ch15 inbounds challenge mode 11 seconds (This one is pretty unoptimized):

Ch14 0 portals with “radio flying”:


That was actually pretty entertaining.


wow thats not bad
Ch14 could be done with object flying rather then just flying
these would be a nice route to take in a TSA run
(it would be OOB probably)


I redid (and by that I mean used better segmenting script) the first chamber this time showing the full level.



I made a TSA of Chamber 16 Advanced (Glitchless) in 9 seconds

My mouse movement isn’t super twitchy and I fixed the broken frames when going through a portal so hopefully it looks somewhat good.

8 seconds might be possible but I’m still pretty happy with it.

60 fps: http://a.pomf.se/lohngt.mkv