We've got hostiles Speedrun


I found out about 3 weeks ago that We’ve got hostiles has another way of being completed, if you dont use the scientist at the beginning! isnt that AMAZING???
jk, I saw Darealsinji’s speedrun of the long way around of this chapter, then made a ssrun myself 11 seconds faster, then quad made one 33seconds faster than mine, showing once again he is DA KING! but I found really entertaining a run of this chapter since all complete game speedrun skip it. I suggest you check those videos in the order I placed them, since they are in chronological order. Quad’s run is uploaded on my channel too since he tought it was useless “we can skip this chapter, so there’s no point of running it”.
Good Job anyway Quad!

DaRealSinji’s run: http://youtu.be/eCFk6IPvP6A
Kaito Kid’s run: http://youtu.be/wVyXpygqCL0
Quadrazid’s run: http://youtu.be/L2apWsORWGM


Spoken like a true professional.

Doing no-jump runs is a must, while running an “unnecessary” part of the game is completely useless. ;D
Good job)


The earth would be long gone without no-jump speedruns. And it also seems we started a trend :>

That isn’t a real quote, at least I don’t think so. It’s a pretty uninteresting chapter and I only spent 30min on it. That’s why I let Kaito do it. Thanks for the upload man!

btw, darealshinji aka djcj on SDA.


It’s nice to finally see a run of this. Good job.

While I agree it’s completely useless, it’s nice as a different challenge, just like the no-jump run.


Next time use a bhop script. :stuck_out_tongue:


what? my run and quad’s used both a bhop script, i dont know about darealsinji tough


We all got owned.

We’ve got hostiles 1:07 single-segment played on PS2


with this skip, I’m gonna do better soon, dunno if quad will try too, but if he doesnt, new record will be mine! and I dunno if superfrizzio has a sourceruns account, but if yes and you see this dude, GOOD JOB! but playing ps2 will make your run easy to beat, your route is awesome indeed.


Hehe, even if you don’t skip the chapter, you still skip the chapter lol :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m best?

Respect for that guy who did a run on PS2.


I’ve Got Hostiles!

exec didn’t finish the chapter, 10 minutes penalty add.


XD so true, but good job you all, nor I surrender doing it faster XD


Haha, I know, shouldn’t stop that early.


Beat eXec’s time by 9 minutes and 35 seconds:


That is quite an improvement over eXec’s time :stuck_out_tongue:


This is so 1337! Nice timesaver!

default_fov 90 makes my eyes hurt :frowning:


Acceljumps with PS2 controller = holy shit


New time! 45 seconds with finishing the whole map.

I’m best now?


quad told me he completed a 43 seconds one, but I have not seen it so yes your best :wink:


Ya I got a 41,73 demo.
Exec, you should wallstrafebhop the ventilators. easy +200ups.

The Ps2 guy is still the best.