Were Download demos?


Hi! i just wanna say i love Done Quick movies…special HL1 and HL2. I found your demo Follow Freeman on Gamershell (www.gamershell.com) and i was freaking awsome! So now i wonder if you have movies or demos of all your best and quickest runs so far. I looked around a littel on the forum but didnt found anything. Only the best time on your map runs. :(so my question, were can i download your AWSOME! runs? :DE-Mail me Mattiasborg@msn.com P.S i love your work


As you can see here, this project is still in progress, which means you can only watch parts of the coming run. You can find demos in map topics. :rolleyes: Other speed runs, including HL and HL2, you can find at http://speeddemosarchive.com.


phase 2 demos till coast_12.http://files.filefront.com/HL2_Collectionr…;/fileinfo.htmlyou need the old version emulator to watch them.http://s7.invisionfree.com/HL2DQ_Temp_Foru…ndpost&p=739258also you need to change the “BaseDir” value to your \Steam\SteamApps directory in steamemu.ini.we should add demo links and how to view old demos to that sticky :stuck_out_tongue:


Thx samppa! And hope you guys finish to this fast :stuck_out_tongue: cause i wanna se the best of the best doing that they are godlike on, and promise me that then you guys are finish (if you ever get finish), to put it up on http://speeddemosarchive.com


when we finish, it will be going EVERYWHERE


here’s a list of missing phase 1 demos in HL2_Collection.rar. I found them when I looked through google cache(the date is mid-February).if someone has these demos, please upload.d3_c17_05_lonerville_32sd3_c17_08_DaleLewill_58sd3_c17_10a_lonerville_1m15sd3_c17_10b_lonerville_1m56sd3_citadel_02_lonerville_2m51s_with_objectd3_breen_01_lonerville_8m15s


I managed to find all demos except this one:d3_citadel_02_lonerville_2m51s_with_objectI had a 56k modem back then so I probably didn’t download that file because it was too big…MaximusX might have it though.Here are the files that I could find:http://rapidshare.de/files/8356587/P1-demos.rar.html(press Free, wait for a while and then click to download)(I couldn’t use HL2DQ’s own upload because the .rar file is 8MB)


great. thanks dale :smiley:


Are there anywhere demos from phase2 with _2 prefix ?I’m playing with video capturing and need them to smooth transitions between maps in my own hl2dq movieI got all of them only since d2_coast_01I can’t download Maximux-X’s demos archive (http://files.filefront.com/HL2_Collectionrar/;4156526;;/fileinfo.html) because a have a modem and this is a RAR=(.I can download only needed files from ZIP archives without downloading whole archive by using reget.Please help =)


the collection doesn’t inculde _2 demos unfortunately.


Does anyone of you have the _2 demos? I just keep the “demo+save-files” I don’t save the _2-demos on my Harddrive…Maximus might have them, or does anyone else have them?


Some months ago there was an archive with all demos (incuding _2) here:http://zombie.bhdnet.com/b5k/but now there is only “d3nied” message =(


http://zombie.bhdnet.com/b5k/hl2crap/hmm this directry is still alive. but it isn’t what you are talking about, right? :expressionless:


I have the _2 demos on my harddrive, I think a few other people should as well. I sent almost my whole hl2 folder to a couple people awhile ago, can’t remember who though. Samppa?


Yes, this archive includes the _2 demos from d1_canals_05 to d2_coast_03. No _2 demos are produced when you split a map…


Big thanks Samppa !


nice. I’m saving all archives now.

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